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Oct 22, 2010 11:10 AM

Rockfish at Costco

Anyone know what type of rockfish it is that Costco has as fillets in the Bay Area?

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  1. Don't know what type, but I have bought Costco's Rockfish and other filets once or twice, and it's not the most fresh. I buy it because it's all boned and skinned, but the few times that I did buy their fish, there was already a strong fishy smell. Maybe it has to do with the type of fish, because I know the wild salmon lasted is not as smelly. If you don't cook the rockfish in a day, or two, the smell is so strong that your whole refrigerator smells of rotten fish; your whole house will smell too when you cook it.

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      Uhhh...even the fish you caught today will start smelling after 2-3 days refrigeration. My friends who know recommend fish that is frozen on board and usually shrink wrapped. One of the problems with "fresh" fish, is the time from boat to wholesaler, to retailer, to counter to display.

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        Fish and visitors smell in three days.
        1736 B. Franklin Poor Richard's Almanack

    2. Lke all fish, if it has a strong smell, it's getting old. Check the "use by" dates on the labels. If it's dated today or tomorrow, pass it by. The further in the future the date is, the better. Cook it within a day of buying it. Rockfish is a wonderful, mild-yet-tasty fish. Flavor is milder than cod and texture is smoother. Our family now prefers rockfish over cod. Our favorite way to cook it is to cut it into small chunks and lightly saute in macadamia nut oil. Turn heat up just enough to get light carmelization (macadamia nut oil has a high smoke point). As far as I know it is harvested in cold water, such as Alaskan or far-northwest waters.

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        Costco packages show the date they were packed. Often, you'll see a range of dates among the packages, and I always make sure to choose the freshest.

      2. I love Costco's rockfish. Because it comes in such large packages, I wind up jerking a good portion of it, which extends the shelf life a couple days. As a result, I've never noticed the fishy smell mentioned by others.

        The only thing annoying is how sporadically my Costco gets it in.

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          What spices do you use to 'jerk' your rockfish?