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Oct 22, 2010 09:34 AM

Great dinner place in Tunica????

My wife and I are venturing to Tunica for a quickie weekend and we are looking for the best place to eat. Money not an object, but want to receive what we pay for.
Please help, I have never been to Tunica before as we have recently moved to Memphis.
Thank you for your help.

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  1. Louisiana Red Sox Fan..........I thought you were from NOLA. I saw your post there about Surrey's which is one of my favorites. If you now live in Memphis, TN you will find some great casual as well as fine dining there. There is a nice restaurant in Tunica, MS with casual fine dining. It is Cafe Marie serving lunch and dinner. Blue and White Cafe is on Highway 61 in an old service station serving good comfort food for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

    Blue and White Cafe @ 1355 Highway 61 N, Tunica, MS 662 - 363 - 1371.
    Cafe Marie @ 6195 Fox Island Road, Tunica, MS 662 - 357 - 0988.

    The casino strip near Robinsonville, MS about 14 miles N of Tunica, MS will have your only fine dining choices. Chicago Steakhouse @ Gold Strike, Fairbank's @ Hollywood, The Barn at Bally's and 37 Fine Dining @ Harrah's will be your best choice for fine dining. The Hollywood Cafe is a nice dive joint serving good comfort food, seafood and steaks for lunch and dinner on old Highway 61 N or Tunica. It's worth a visit for dinner. Get a driver.

    Let me know if you need any help in Memphis, TN. If you do please specify an area you are interested in. There are some fine dining places downtown as well as a few good joints also. BBQ is famous and plentiful. Erling Jensen's is probably the best place for fine dining. There are a lot of comfort joints also. Good luck.

    Chicago Steakhouse @ Gold Strike Casino @ 1010 Casino Center Drive, Robinsonville, MS 662 - 357 - 1225.
    Fairbank's Steakhouse @ Hollywood Casino @ 1150 Casino Strip Boulevard, Tunica Resorts, MS 901 - 271 - 0711.
    The Barn @ Ballys Casino @ 1450 Bally Blvd., Robinsonville, MS 662 - 357 - 1500.
    37 Fine Dining at Harrah's Casino @ 13615 Old Highway 61 N, Robinsonville, MS 662 - 363 - 2788.

    The Hollywood Cafe @ 1585 Old Commerce Road, Tunica, MS 662 - 363 - 1225.

    Paula Deen has a comfort food buffet at Harrah's. There are several restaurants at each casino. I just mentioned the best ones.

    Cafe Marie
    6195 Fox Island Rd, Tunica, MS 38676

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    1. re: Littleman

      Thanks Littleman,
      Yes, I was born, raised, lived and worked in NOLA until just a few months ago. Wife got a job offer she couldn't refuse, so now we are Memphians. Nice city. I don't miss too much from NOLA, except for the restaurants of course.
      I am always lookinf for a nice seafood place. I am pretty much constrained to Bonefish here so far for my seafood fix. So any help there would be appreciated.
      I am gonna look up their menus (I love the internet) and we will go from there.
      Thanks for your reply.

      1. re: louisianaredsoxfan

        You will find more BBQ and comfort food in Memphis than seafood. Flying Fish might help. Good luck.

        Flying Fish @ 105 South 2nd Street, Memphis, TN 901 - 522 - 8228.