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Oct 22, 2010 09:04 AM

iso: Ostrich Egg

I'm looking for an ostrich egg for thanksgiving. They used to be sold at Whole Foods in SF but apparently they no longer do that due to a quality issue. I've asked egg dealers at the farmer's market but they also don't know.

There's a farm in Monterey but their ostriches aren't laying right now.

Anybody seen them? Preferably in San Francisco.

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  1. There is a place in Pleasanton (Happy Valley area) that has an ostrich farm. They have a homemade sign off of 680N before the Sunol Blvd exit. I contacted the number before, 925-846-9551, and it gets you to 3 different voice mailboxes. Which is the correct one to leave a message, I don't know. Someone did call me back (several days later) with a different number, but I don't remember it offhand. The person indicated that they didn't have anything other than empty eggs at the moment, but you can try and find out more.

      1. re: wolfe

        sorry. It was Ostrich Growers that said their birds weren't laying until the new year.

        1. re: boris_qd

          It's either a seasonal thing or the hens have a very strong union.

      2. Saw a few at Draegers in San Mateo.

        222 E 4th Ave
        San Mateo, CA 94401-4079
        (650) 685-3700

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        1. re: Spinal Tap

          I called both San Mateo and Menlo Park and both said that they don't carry them. I don't know if the employees are ill informed or what.

          If someone sees them and reports back I'll make the trip down there.

          1. re: boris_qd

            I just called Draeger's San Mateo and Sal, told me that the manager for the meat department would be in tomorrow and he has several distributors from whom he can special order ostrich meat and eggs. I would suggest that you sit down for the price quote as I priced ground buffalo at $14.98 a pound which I can get for under $7.00 in San Francisco.

            1. re: TRex2012

              Hey there! Where in SF can you get buffalo under $7 a pound? On the same note, would you know where I can find affordable ostrich meat in SF? (perferably somewhere in the city...) Thanks so much!

              1. re: launikita

                Sticking a request for buffalo in the middle of an ostrich thread is not the best idea for getting a response except from folks with severe OCD. Best to search out a buffalo thread. Then clarify what sort of buffalo meat you want for under $7 a pound. I think Trader Joe's ground is less than that. it's very doubtful that you will find steaks even close to that. As for ostrich old threads suggest Whole Foods and I think Corralitos Market has ostrich sausages.

                1. re: launikita

                  Checked at Costco and 2 pounds ground buffalo is about $17. I was put off by the sign over it that said something about dog but found that referred to the buffalo hot dogs next door at 1.76 pound for about $16.

            2. re: Spinal Tap

              I went to the store to ask them and talked to 4 people - including the head of the meat department who said that at least in the last 8 years they have not carried ostrich eggs (that's how long he's been there).

              1. re: boris_qd

                Not sure if the ostrich egg discontinuation at at Whole Foods was store specific or chain-wide, but the Whole Foods in Cupertino carried them a few months back. Might want to give them a call just to check, good luck!

            3. Perhaps you can find a source by contacting the ole AOA (American Ostrich Association, of course)

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