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Oct 22, 2010 08:46 AM

Good goat cheese for beginners? (Central Maine)

I've been expanding my horizons by not categorically avoiding menu items with goat cheese, and in some cases even finding that I quite like the addition to salads etc if the cheese is mild enough.

Can anyone make a suggestion or two for an easy-to-find [read: something-at-Hannaford's] mild goat cheese that I could use to start experimenting with at home? I've been enjoying the really mild, soft and fluffy variety I seem to keep encountering in restaurants.

Or, even better, how to tell if a cheese falls into that "mild" category, when shopping the farmers' markets and such?


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  1. I think Seal Cove would fit the bill...and available at most Hannaford's. Best part of all...they're a local company!

    1. CHAVRIE is easily available at market basket even. smooth, creamy/spreadable/ mild. it's actually my fav.(i have not tasted the seal cove maine product.) Comes in a white flat top pyramid container; also in large roll. Mild chevre is also what you will have in 99% of u.s. restaurants in your salad; because it's available in bulk and is cheaper than the artisinal, often stronger, chevre.

      but just fyi, chevre manufacturers that would be represented in large chain stores- as opposed to specialty cheese counters/stores- all make mild chevres because they know that that is what the Amer. majority prefers. At artisinal cheese shops, you will find lots of kinds of chevre and you can ask for tastes. Also fyi,the major reason that chevre is more expensive, categorically, than cow cheese- is that the yield is so much smaller w/ goats and this type of cheese.

      1. I second Seal Cove. Vt Butter and Cheese chevre is a nice option too.

        1. I learned to like goat cheese recently and I like our local one from York Hill Farm. My favorite is their chevre roll that has dill and garlic rolled in it. I put it on Wasa crackers for breakfast at work. They are getting a lot of recognition for their cheese.

          1. Sunset Acres Farm, Brooksville, ME, is the best goat cheese I've come across. Get their Plain (Whole Foods). It is very much like a cream cheese. I add some lemon zest, smoked sea salt and fresh thyme. I promise, you'll love it. You'll have it on crackers, veggies, spread for sandwiches. You can thin it with some half and half and experiment.