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Oct 22, 2010 08:31 AM

Good Happy Hours in Pasadena

I only saw one other post on this, and was wondering if anyone had new places to list? I try and avoid chains, so please no recs for Cheesecake Factory or the like.



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  1. i went to a happy hour at cheval blanc in old town. sorry don't recall the exact offer but (2 people) had a glass of wine, margarita, fries, and some mussels for about 20 bucks. great big bar and no one was there and we watched TV. i also recall mccormick and schmicks supposedly has decent happy hour. not too into their regular food but i hear they have a decent happy hour.

    1. Magnolia on Lake is always solid option. Good sliders, to boot.

      1. gusto, after reading your question again i realized i answered with "mccormick ans schmicks" which is clearly a chain and probably worse than the cheesecake factory. sorry! but i do have another suggestion which is Dish on Union. Don't know if they're still doing happy hour but i think beer and wine for $4 and small bites for $3 or so...definitely MUCH better than the ol' mccormick and schmicks idea!