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Oct 22, 2010 08:09 AM

Seafood in Singapore?

I will be visiting Singapore for 40 hours on our way to Indonesia next week. We arrive Saturday morning and leave Sunday evening. We will be staying at the Metropolitan YMCA on Stevens Road. We would like to go to a good seafood restaurant. We are on a kind of tight budget so I am not looking for the gourmet experience, but would like to experience some authentic fresh local seafood. Are there any suggestions for a good restaurant option or suggestions on a particular dish to look for? Thanks.

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  1. If you don't mind a bit of spicy food, go for Singapore chilli crabs at 'Ah Wok', a small eatery which is part of Food Opera food court on Basement 4 of ION Orchard mall - about 10 minutes by taxi from Met YMCA.

    Newton Circus hawker centre, which can be a tourist trap mind you, offers a good selection of fresh local seafoods usually grilled or stirfried for you, e.g. BBQ sambal (chili) stringray. The seafood stalls at Newton had been getting bad publicity for overcharging tourists in the past year and are under close scrutiny by the Singapore Tourism Board, so hopefully they'd have cleaned up their act. But if you do choose to go, just ask them very carefully for the exact prices - not per 100gm, but how much the whole dish is going to cost you.

    Another local dish you may want to taste is the oyster omelette. New ton Circus is also 10 minutes by taxi from where you are staying.

    1. How tight is your "tight budget"? In Singapore, if you're willing to spend about US$100 (S$130) for 2-3 persons, you can try quite a good range of local seafoods one of the local seafood restaurants in UDMC East Coast (Long Beach, Red House, etc.). Locals & visitors alike won't want to miss chilli crabs, crispy baby squids, drunken prawns, etc.

      Do let us know what particular type of dish/cooking you prefer, your budget per head and whether you're prepared to travel a bit away from where you're staying.

      1. You might consider trying Long Beach Seafood- it's where we always take our out-of-town guests. They serve a wide variety of local seafood dishes. I'd also recommend the hawker centre in Chinatown- it's less touristy than Newton Circus.

        As for dishes you might want to try in Singapore in general:
        Chili Crab (sort of national dish over here)
        Pepper Crab
        Otta (fish paste cooked in panda leaf)
        BBQ'd stingray

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          Thanks for the replies. I have been so busy getting ready I forgot to check back here. I will definitely have to check out the Chili Crab. I am leaving this morning but I should get a chance to check back here when we arrive at the hotel in Singapore tomorrow. We arrive 1:00 AM Singapore time. We will eat breakfast at the hotel two mornings and have US$200 - US$250 for a couple of other meals. There three of us. Our only restriction on getting someplace is public transport. I think we will have to check out Chinatown. I have heard other recommendations for that.

          1. re: InspectorJon

            Taxis in Singapore are relatively affordable & cost a fraction of what you'll pay in US/ UK - most rides within the city costs US$10, more or less. Call 65521111 (automated satellite-tracked booking system) for a taxi, all of which will arrive within 3-7 minutes.

            You can also catch buses along Stevens Road, most of which will run down to the main Orchard Road shopping area, which is only 10 minutes away. But make sure you have exact change, as the drivers don't carry any. Once in Orchard Road, you can hope onto the MRT, Singapore's clean, efficient subway system which can take you to most places you'd want to visit within minutes: Chinatown, Little India, etc.