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Oct 22, 2010 07:52 AM

Pickle Juice

Occasionally I would buy the jars of Vlasic stackers for sandwiches. Regardless of the type of pickle, when the stackers were gone I'd always have a half filled jar of the juices. Now and then I'd be craving something to eat and I'd take a swig. Kind of quenched my thirst and hunger.

Does anyone have any other uses for it?

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  1. Pickling?

    Add blanched pearl onions or peeled garlic cloves or baby carrots or "baby" cucumbers or .....

    1. I use it as an ingredient in potato salad and also in a dill bread.

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        I soak a cup of chopped onion in pickle juice for an hour before adding it to my potato salad and it makes a great difference. I also pour a good Italian dressing over the warm cubed potatoes and let them marinate for a half hour, add the drained onions (pouring the juice back into the jar) then add mayonaise to taste and you have a simple but delicioous potato salad.

      2. I put a splash of it in my Bloody Mary mix. I also use a pickle slice as a garnish instead of celery.

        1. it is the key ingredient for great potato salad...

          1. selyanka mysnaya..a classic russian soup