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Oct 22, 2010 07:33 AM

Long Grain - Camden, ME

I've heard some good things about the new Asian (pan-Asian?) place in Camden...anybody been yet? Kimchi on the Midcoast!! Gonna have to give it a try....

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  1. My husband and I have been a couple of times and it is pretty awesome. The pork belly with rice cakes and kimchi is really good, the rice cakes were not what I was expecting and I couldn't get enough of them.

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      Somebody just told me that this place has the same owners as Midcoast Asian Foods that shut down in Rockland months ago. If so, that is great...because they had some good chow.

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        It does not, the owners were previously at The White Lion, the food however is Great and Mid Coast Asian Foods is greatly missed.

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          Thanks for the clarification. When did ownership change hands at The White Lion? Can't remember the story exactly, but wasn't it some guy from Florida who opened it a couple years ago? I knew he was trying to sell it pretty soon afterwards....I'm assuming that he did indeed sell....is it THOSE owners who know own Long Grain? Does that mean The White Lion is in the hands of it's third owner(s) in three years?

    2. Lunch today with a friend at Long Grain, steamed pork, shrimp & local seaweed dumplings, excellent Pad Thai (tofu) other choice was an also excellent Multi-grain fried rice, a mung bean pudding on sticky rice with a coconut whipped creme, oh yeah... I want to live in the back and eat my way through the menu!

      1. Does anyone know if Long Grain is open this time of year? I'll be in Camden next Wednesday, Feb. 23, and would love to eat here.

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          going tonight.they were clear that a reservation was a good idea(it is a small place)also they are closed sunday and monday.

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            i am happy to confirm the kimchi with pork belly is not to be missed.YUMMY

        2. I dunno, but Camden Deli (http://www.camdendeli.com/menus.html) has an awesome Portobello Mushroom Melt!

          Camden Deli
          37 Main St, Camden, ME 04843