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Oct 22, 2010 07:24 AM

Fried catfish/croaker/whiting south of Old Town?

Been craving a decent fried fish sandwich lately. Been disappointed with some poorly fried tilapia at local carryouts. Looking for something akin to Horace & Dickies 4-piece on Wonder Bread. Simple corn meal batter, fried hard and crispy. As much as I like Eammon's, I'm looking for something takeout; southern and soul food-ey, not Irish pub-ey, and would like to keep it off Route 1 or Telegraph Road if possible.

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  1. Nate's Comfort Zone near Ft. B had fried whiting dc-style, but I think they are closed now. Rincon Catracho on Arlington Drive has a pretty good breaded and deep fried trout fillet with french fries, though not exactly what you are asking, I thought it was pretty good. Who knows what their consistency is like. Don't think what you are looking for is available south of Old Town.

    1. I'd love to find this, too. I noticed that Johnny Mac's Rib Shack has a fish sandwich, I'll try to hit it this week (I have not eaten there before). Su Pollo has fried fish on the menu ($8.50, w/ salad & fries or rice), but my daughter tried the fried shrimp there ( I advised against) & it was mediocre (chicken was good, though). Another place (that I have not tried), is Johnny's Subs (chinese/subs?), they have croaker & fried rice on the menu, not Southern, but I've been curious about that place, too, considering the dearth of decent Chinese food on this stretch of Rt. 1.

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        The Chinese at Johnny's Subs is alright, but their steak & cheese is quite good; generous shredded ribeye but, like most Chinese carryout subs, they slice it in four pieces. I'll have to give their fried fish a try.

      2. What about the Blue and White carryout on Route 1 (corner of Wythe) in Old Town? Pretty sure they would have fish sandwiches but not sure if they are open only on the weekdays.

        Not south of Old Town but in any case....

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          Blue & White's fish sandwich is pretty much a slab from the Gorton's Fisherman. A processed filet. I'll stick with the chicken and livers.

        2. Perhaps farther south than you would like, but there is a little place in Manassas called Dave's Seafood on 234 that serves all three fish fried in cornmeal. Not fried hard, but tasty with a nice crust and made by hand, not frozen from a box. They only have six booths, so it is primarily takeout, but you can eat it there. You can get a sandwich or a platter with sides like collards, cole slaw, fries,etc. It is a tiny family owned place that takes pride in their work.If you're ever out this way, give it a try.