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Oct 22, 2010 07:19 AM

Reservation for the Bar at Garde Manger..should I get a table elsewhere or keep reservation?

Looking forward to an upcoming first time trip to Montreal for two nights. Managed to get a 9:30 reservation at the Bar at Garde Manger for our first night (Fri), but was hoping for a table. Would we really enjoy our dinner at the bar? This restaurant appeals to me because of the great reviews and the fact that it has a fun/trendy atmosphere, but would I be better off at a table somewhere else?

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  1. Keep your reservation! You are lucky! It all turns into a bar anyways during the course of dinner. Personally I love even prefer sitting at the bar and interacting with the other patrons and the bartenders!
    Every single item on the menu is always delish, so is the vibe.

    1. I agree with dumpling2. Keep your reservation - great food and fun times at Garde Manger!