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Oct 22, 2010 07:06 AM

Middle Eastern restaurant - high end in London

Hi - I am looking for the most high end and chic Middle Eastern (any type of food from the region) restaurant in London.
Thank you.

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  1. I haven't been to many, but I do like Ishbilia near Harvey Nichols. The waiters wear jackets, which must mean something, and there are tablecloths on the table.

    1. There is a very schmancy place near my house called Pasha which is great, and the night before last I went to Levant (near Selfridges/Marylebone) which was very nice, but there were bellydancers (major annoyance in my opinion).

      Otherwise, there is Fakhreldine in Piccadilly which looks very high-end but I've never tried, and I believe there is a very nice Ranoush/Maroush place on Edgware Rd.

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      1. re: brokentelephone

        we must be neighbors - i'm next to wodka. but isn't pasha moroccan?

        1. re: howler

          I'm near Gloucester Road tube !

          Oh yah, Pasha is moroccon, my bad!

          1. re: brokentelephone

            Is that little Italian place still on the corner of Gloucester Rd. and Harrington Gardens?

            1. re: zuriga1

              It's been a Nando's for about 3 years -- I believe it was a Dino's which is still available at South Ken station if you're in the mood for absolutely terrible food!

              1. re: brokentelephone

                No thank you... I'll pass on the terrible food. :-)