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Oct 22, 2010 06:52 AM

Driving NYC to State College on I 80

Driving to State College. Midway seems about Hazelton . Can you folks suggest a decent
lunch spot? Last year ate at some supposedly famous European style place famous for
sausage on a roll (speedies?) and pierogies swimming in butter. It was pretty awful. Don't send me there.
The year before ate at some breakfast and lunch small diner famous for big burgers suggested by the gas station workers. Don't remember the name but also some midpoint place. Can easily skip that.

Pass by a place that looks like a Powerstation. Is that good?
Any local finds that are really good ? A great sandwich is good enough.

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  1. The big burger place was probably the White Haven Diner. I've eaten there twice and not been impressed.
    Powerstation used to be good, but have not been in some years.
    Toms Kitchen on 93 in Coynigham used to be a decent diner with good basic diner and Pa dutch food. Have not been in 3 years.
    Pickings are slim on 80 once you get much west of Stroudsburg.

    1. When we used to drive across Pennsylvania on I-80, here are the places we stopped for sandwiches. All were decent but none were NYC-CH places. In Blakeslee, exit 284, Murphy's Loft (a mile south of I-80). The Powerhouse was open for dinner only. In Berwick, Villa Capri. There are several places in Lewisburg that CHers recommend but we always ate at the Lewisburg Hotel as were interested in a sandwich with decent surroundings. In Watsontown, the Watson Inn is good. Hope this helps. We were always willing to drive a few miles off I-80 for something decent.

      Watson Inn
      100 Main St, Watsontown, PA 17777

      Lewisburg Hotel
      136 Market St, Lewisburg, PA 17837

      Villa Capri
      11 Mulberry Sts, Berwick, PA 18603

      Murphy's Loft
      Hc 1 Box 1381, Blakeslee, PA 18610

      1. find a local supermarket (closer to state college than not). buy a lebanon bologna sandwich. fantastic local cuisine. ;-)

        1. what makes a bolonga sandwhich lebanese?

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            Lebanon Bolonga is an all beef bologna, developed originally in Lebanon County Pennsylvania but now found throughout central Pennsylvania.

          2. I usually stop earlier--at an Indian restaurant in Tannersville. Take exit 299, go left up the hill, and then take a right. They have a good buffet.