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Fabergé: Should Be Avoided

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I have never in my life had such terrible service, or encountered a chef with as little pride in his food or respect for the customer in my life. My girlfriend and I visited on Sunday morning, and encountered loud clubbing music being played by a DJ sitting in the corner. The music was obnoxiously loud, and after being asked to take a seat in the “lounge”, we contemplated leaving because of how gaudy and tacky the place was. We decided to stay because we were hungry and had already fed the meter.
We were seated at a table for two that was literally glued to our neighbors on both sides, whenever anyone got up, their butt was literally on the plates of the other table, that’s how tight it was.
Not only did the waitress take a ridiculously long time to take our order, but our coffee and juice came only after hounding the waitress 2 times. After ordering, we sat and waited, watching all of the food come and go from the pass line.
We watched a Bagel sandwich go from the pass, to a table (which was not what the patron had ordered) and after he checked it out, he sent it back where it sat on the pass for about ten-fifteen minutes, then was served to my girlfriend along with what I had ordered, one of their signature dishes which was missing the French toast accompaniment (half the dish).
When my girlfriends Bagel arrived it had bacon on it, when she specifically ordered it without the bacon, because she is a vegetarian, so we sent it back. The bagel then came back a few minutes later, but the chef had simply scraped off the bacon from the same bagel, put another slice of cheese to hide the bacon grease, however there was still bacon all over the side dishes.
We sent it back again, and it returned, the same plate, the same bagel (with the bacon grease), and the chef had just decided that scrapping off the food that had pieces of bacon on it was a good idea. The plate came back, with about a third of the food, and freezing cold as it was cooked over 30 minutes ago to be served to another table.
Meanwhile, I still had not received the half of my dish that was missing. At this point, we had enough and were ready to leave, so I asked for the bill even though nothing was eaten, and they actually charged me for my dish, and left out the bagel.
When speaking with the manager, he didn’t even look me in the eye, and spoke down to me as if he thought what the chef had done was acceptable. He refused to admit to any wrong doings on the restaurants part, and tried to change the subject by asking how my meal was. Other than the fact that it was cold, that I only received half of it, and I ate only two bites, it was mediocre, poorly cooked and under-seasoned.
All in all, they tried to feed us food that had been man handled by a customer, sat on the pass for over 10 minutes, then tried to feed bacon to my vegetarian girlfriend 3 times, and never brought me my food. The management ended by saying I hope next time it will be better… like we will ever be back.

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  1. wow that sounds like a nightmare. i will never go there now.

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      i actually found the place comfy, cute and loved the montreal scenes on walls, ceilings. We had excellent service even too much, kept checking on us quite often! Is it my favourite place no but location is handy so i would go again, not as a regular but on occasion but then i didnt have anywhere near your experience but if i had an encounter like yours i understand why you would not want to return.

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        oops focused on the attitude section, didnt read the whole review about the revolving bagel, guess this one will be knocked off my list as well!

    2. The original comment has been removed
      1. I had a similar experience to BlueSteak a few months back while I was in Montreal for a weekend.The service was friendly,but the food was just mediocre.Funny thing was I was the only patron in the whole restaurant(it was early,8am). The chef put no love whatsoever into his cooking.

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          i agree petek nothing special tastewise and the egg in nest (basically was hole in the toast) was disappointing

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            I think this restaurant is crossed off most hounds' lists, but wanted to agree with petek: no love in the cooking. I've had meals 10x better at Cora's.

          2. I made up my mind the second you mentioned club music, and I would've walked out right then.