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Favorite take-out or delivery in North Baltimore?

Hubby & I usually order delivery pizza or Indian, and I'm looking for others' great ideas. Our regulars are:
Pizza Boli
Falls Road Indian place (why can't I remember the name?)
Papa Johns (reliable, not necessary delicious)

What are your favorite places for take out or delivery when you are not in the mood to cook?

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  1. Atwater's (Belvedere or Kenilworth, there's one on Falls Rd too., but I've never been there.)

    1. King's Grilled Kabob
      Cafe Zen
      sandwiches from Eddie's

      1. Banh Mi from Saigon Remembered are tasty.

        Saigon Remembered Restaurant
        5857 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

        1. I agree with edresner--with regards to Eddie's. But, not just limited to sandwiches. They have a very good prepared food section.

          Also, if you have favorite restaurant(s), many will prepare items for take-out. We used to get carry-out from Liberatore's, Polo Grill (when they were still in business), etc.

          You may also want to check out Graul's. If I recall, onetime I purchased a fantastic chicken potpie (and I don't particularly care for potpies). FoiGras

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            Delivery = Pizza Man where Mike's used to be. Like next to Dunky Donuts.
            Opposite Staples on R-Town Road in Pikesville.

            Carry-Out = Edmart for A 1lb or 2 of Pastrami and then pick-up Milk-Shakes to-go from Fields up the street on the way home.

            TFM @ Quarry Lake. Wife says I should not shop anywhere else. Steaks, Produce, Breads, Nuts, Prepared Foods like Rotiss. Chicken are excellent.

            Pizza Man Restaurant
            1504 Reisterstown Rd, Pikesville, MD 21208

          2. When we still lived Baltimore we regularly got Chinese takeaway from Cafe Zen on Belvedere near York Road. Despite living in Dubai for three years now I am still haunted by memories of Zen's fried dumplings. If the place still lives up to its reputation it serves excellent American Chinese food.

            I second the Eddies' recommendation. The Gourmet to Go has a wide and changing variety of prepared food, but don't overlook the deli. We practically lived off the chicken salad, ham salad and meatloaf, which made fabulous sandwiches. Whenever family and friends visited us, especially from the UK, a trip to the deli counter was a daily occurance.

            Other possible takeaway places include Thai Restaurant on Greenmount and a nameless Indian/pizza place in Mount Washington, just across the bridge and near where the old Mount Washington deli used to be. It served average but acceptable Indian food in the style of a neighborhood curryhouse in the UK.

            Cafe Zen
            438 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212

            1. How is B'More??? We used to get carry-out from Yeti and were sad when it closed.

              As for other places, Egyptian Pizza (in Belvedere) is great and we LOVE Sushi Hana for take out. I'll also second Fortunatos and Atwaters.

              Egyptian Pizza
              542 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212

              Sushi Hana
              4 E Pennsylvania Ave, Towson, MD 21286

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                B'more is good, but you must specify your spicy-hot level. Their delivery is slow to the point of being unreliable. Yeti was more consistent in their preparation, B-more must use several different chefs to prepare food on any given night.
                We've never done Fortunatos! I'm going to have to look into this!

              2. I realize my suggestions are nothing new, but will chime in anyway - since I already typed the rest of my reply. Take out from Thai Restaurant on Greenmount has become a weekly part of my life. Fortunato's for pizza, I think they just call it their "special." I have been meaning to try Cafe Zen, too. As for Saigon Remembered, I have not had a bahn mi, but they are currently on my "avoid" list. Is it truly a good sandwich?

                Cafe Zen
                438 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212

                Saigon Remembered Restaurant
                5857 York Rd, Baltimore, MD 21212

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                  Avoid Cafe Zen like the plague.

                  Cafe Zen
                  438 E Belvedere Ave, Baltimore, MD 21212

                  1. re: ronandaim

                    Banh mi is a great sandwich. Their version is good and you're not going to find a better one in the immediate area. Rocket to Venus has a very good one too, although both suffer from unexciting bread but have great innards. Philly kills their banh mi with incredible bread. If anyone in Baltimore can figure out how to deliver a damn piece of bread to a restaurant then we'll be set.

                    Cafe Zen is nothing. Only in a city with Chinese food as bad as Baltimore would it even be considered a place to eat.

                2. Kabab Stop on Falls Road for good Indian take-out.
                  Pepe's on the corner of Falls and Lake for pizza/sub carry out.
                  Don't like Mt Washington Pizza and Subs as much, even though they are a stone's throw away from my house.

                  Alonso's/Loco Hombre/Sghetti Eddie's franchise? They've sold out.
                  Angelos: best carryout cannoli outside of Vaccaros

                  Of course, you can always get carry out from Mt. Washington Tavern (but all of their stuff falls out of the back of a Sysco truck) and Desert Cafe in the Mt. Wash Village. I like The Falls, which is in the Village as well.

                  Kabab Stop
                  5719 Falls Rd, Baltimore, MD 21209