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Oct 22, 2010 06:21 AM

New to Munich. Need help for dinner.

Have never been to Munich and staying at the Hotel Vitalis, apparently near the Olympic Park area and the Schwabing district (at least that's what the hotel website says).

Have one dinner needed and looking for food representative of the region, maybe some good beers as well.


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  1. From a previous post, Alter Simpl looks like a good option.
    Is it fairly close to my area?

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      I love the atmosphere (and 2am currywurst availability) of Alter Simpl, but if it is your only meal in Munich, you should really try one of the old traditional places downtown. You can take the U1 from Hohenzollern to Sendlinger Tor (less than 10 minutes), and then you're right near Hackerhaus for example. Hackerhaus is at Sendlingerstr. 14, but there are many other options within close walking distance from there.

    2. If you come down to the central area around the Marienplatz and Victualienmarkt, there are a number of recommendations that will give you both excellent representations of the food and wine. Our 3 favorites are probably the Weisses-Brauhaus for Munich's original wheat beer, Schneiderweisse. The food there has been variable in recent years, from its excellent former heights, but it is still a great place. Another excellent choice, especially for the food, is Der Pschorr at the far end of the Victualienmarkt -- perhaps the best beef rouladen I've ever eaten and nice specials. They are actually a part of the Slow Food movement, and feature their beef dishes. Beer there is direct from the wooden cask, and service is very friendly. Finally, a much smaller place with excellent food and our favorite Helle of all, Andechs am Dom, which is behind the famous Munich church. The heated porch is a great hangout, so worth stopping for a beer even if you can't get a table for dinner.