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Oct 22, 2010 04:46 AM

Bard College Restaurant Help

We need the best resaurant around Bard College pror to a concert tonight. What say you hounds?

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  1. Easy - Mercato, in Red Hook. A brilliant Italian restaurant, and by far the best in the area. If you can't get in, Gigi in Rhinebeck or Swoon in Hudson would be the runners-up. If you are thinking much more informal, there's an under-rated little Latin place also in Red Hook called Tello's Green Farm.

    Tello's Green Farm
    5 Rose Hill Farm, Red Hook, NY 12571

    61 E Market St, Red Hook, NY

    1. Thank you. We know and like Mercato very much. I wondered if anyone would mention the Flatiron Restaurant, a steakhouse in Redhook. We have never tried it, but we are thinking about it.

      61 E Market St, Red Hook, NY

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        We have never eaten at Flatiron, but would love to hear what others think, as we also have been wanting to try it out. However, you can never go wrong with Madalin's Table in Tivoli, when in the Bard area.

        Madalin's Table
        53 Broadway, Tivoli, NY 12583

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          I ate once at Flatiron. For me it was good, enjoyable, the atmosphere and service were nice, but the food didn't wow me. Mercato is definitely better for my tastes, but then again I love Italian food and am not a big steak person. (I didn't get steak!)

          1. re: visciole

            We ejoyed Flatiron very much. We had a 10OZ steak, many options on sauces, with frites, and a great salad. The steak was $19 and well worth it. They know how to make a martini too. The ambiance was very good. Soft light, beige with chocolate acents, and butcher paper on the table with linen napkins. We thought just great if you feel like a ateak.

        2. If you're will/able to drive another 10 minutes, you can also get to Terrapin and GiGi Tratoria in Rhinebeck, both of which are very good.

          1. Last year, my daughter and I were driving from Vassar College to Bard College. We stopped for lunch on the way, which I have to assume by looking at the map, was on 9G. I believe it was about 20 minutes south of Bard. It was a stand-alone building on the east side of the road. Rustic, not formal. I think it had lots of coffees and teas. Locavore food. We had amazing fresh mozzarella with olive oil and bread. There were vegan options. Can anyone tell me what this is, from my vague description?

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              I am pretty sure I know the place you are talking about I think it is around the area where 9 splits/forks and you can pick up 9G. Unfortunately I don't remember the name, I promise to report back next time I am up that way...won't be this weekend but probably next.

            2. I am sorry, but I can not imagine where you were on 9G. I am going to continue to think about this though.