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Oct 22, 2010 03:11 AM

Worst in Toronto 2010/2011

I thought since there are now over 600 posts on my original "Worst Of" post, it's time for an easier to navigate and updated list. Also, can we please avoid posting restaurants that are not deserving of honourable mention.

This thread is for HORRIBLE food and/or service. This is not intended for so-so experiences and not for restaurants you resent it because you don't agree with all the hype. I'll get the party started by naming off one of my most terrible meals in Toronto in the last year:

1. Provence Délices on Amelia Street- Other than the bread, disgusting food with really really weird service.

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  1. PS Foodface - out of curiousity, what is "weird" service?

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    1. re: ekim256

      Hey Ekim. Yes, I should have elaborated more on the very strange service we recieved at Provence Delices. It was clear to all 5 of us at our table that the server had some mental "issues". When asked what was in a one of the french dishes he went on a a 5 minute off topic lecture about french history. Before this he rudely corrected the pronounciation of the dish in front of all of us (to my embarassment). My french is terrible. After a lecture about everything else but what was asked it just kept getting more and more awkward. The meal was ATTROCIOUS and very expensive too. Not a good choice for doing a blog peice on to say the least.

      1. re: food face

        Food face... I think we had the same server. He also corrected me on my pronounciation and had the most arrogrant attitude. I would never go back to Provence Delices after the atrocious service.

        1. re: TO FOODGAL

          Aaaah Ha. I'm sure we had the same server. A middle-late aged man. He is a hybrid of weird and arrogant. I don't think he means to be. He should be doing something more suited to his disability, perhaps greeting customers and Walmart? Yea, really off putting place.

    2. My poor experiences have been more food related than service related.
      Burger Bar - the burgers and saag poutine were just awful, Awful, AWFUL :( Okay onion rings though
      Wish - terrible value for sad salad & undercooked/battered calamari
      Art Square - expensive and unappetizing crepe. What a mess.
      Origin - despite great reviews, I had a horrible burger, poutine, and ice cream float combo. The burger patty had an dirty-curry flavour and the fries were burnt (cooked in nasty oil?) and the ice cream in the float was icy. On a positive note, they comped the poutine & float when we pointed out the nastiness of the fries.

      Service-wise? I won't return to Riviera Bakery because the woman was very rude to me when I was buying a pastry. In general, Toronto's service has been quite good to me this year.


      Art Square
      334 Dundas St W, Toronto, ON M5T, CA

      3 Charles St E, Toronto, ON M4Y1R9, CA

      109 King St E, Toronto, ON M5C, CA

      Burger Bar
      319 Augusta Ave, Toronto, ON M5T 2M2, CA

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      1. re: ekim256

        I had a pretty great brunch at Wish; the eggs (poached) were cooked perfectly, and there was quite a lot of food (and a nice balance) for the $9 or whatever it cost. I've never had a dinner there though.

        1. re: tjr

          I had good brunch there too about 4 years ago (before it closed and re-opened). Completely different experience from their lunch/dinner menu

        2. re: ekim256

          As mentioned on my original post, Art Square is also one of the worst restaurants in the city by a landslide. Inattentive rude service, hugely long waits. The crepes suck to put in lightly. Off goat cheese was put in on of my crepes. A defensive and daft owner refused to take any responsiblity for it. Also, very overpriced. Sloppy pretentious garbage all round.

          1. re: food face

            The service was quite nice when I went...the crepe was just very bad. It sounds like your experience was much worse than mine!

            1. re: ekim256

              Yea, I can shrug off somewhat bad service but my bad experience was with the actual owner of Art Square. What a let down. I really wanted this spot to become a hang out as I live one block away. Oh well.

        3. My worst food of 2010, hands-down:

          Origin - their hand-rolls. Soft, soggy, and terrible. The rest of the food wasn't bad, but didn't stand out for me. Still, lovely space!

 -- food. is. love.

          1. My worst food experience this year has been at Oliver & Bonacini Café Grill. Beautiful space but my meal was awful (except for Dessert). The Onion Soup was incredibly salty. Another person @ Dinner said the same thing so I don't believe it was just me & my sensitive taste buds. My main of Liver was extremely overcooked. I kind of blame myself for being stupid enough to order Liver but I had asked my server if it was good & if they knew how to cook it. Apparently not. I couldn't even bother to have them try again because I had lost my craving/appetite by then. The Milk Chocolate Mousse was good though. I think if I was ever to go back to that O&B location again, I would just have drinks. Seems like the Bar area gets the best service.

            And this hasn't soured me completely on O&B - I quite like their Canteen and am still curious to try Luma.

            Oliver & Bonacini Cafe Grill
            33 Yonge Street, Toronto, ON M5E 1G4, CA

            330 King St W, Toronto, ON , CA

            1. I hate to say this because it was one of my fav everyday dinning spots but the dry, flavourless, over-price chicken breast labeled coq au vin I recently had at the new La Palette is probably one of the worst things I've eaten in years. It was so bad, I didn't even want to have the conversation necessary to send it back as the new location has a very open kitchen as we were within earshot of the kitchen.

              La Palette
              492 Queen St W, Toronto, ON M5V, CA

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              1. re: JennaBean

                Oh that is too bad!!! I guess I will have to stop recommending it on the romantic restaurant posts (sigh).