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Tongue other than lengua for tacos near Palo Alto?

Does anyone know of any local places with tongue on the menu? Or any other offal worth stopping for?
I've been on big offal cooking binge and need some more inspiration...and an evening at Incanto is not likely to be happening soon...I gotta get a group of folks to eat there who appreciate that sort of thing...

Any leads appreciated...open to any venues - I have only seen tongue served as tacos around here....

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  1. The griddled beef tongue with tomatillos, radishes, and pickled onions at Locanda da Eva in Berkeley is really tasty, but it depends on your definition of "near."

    Locanda da Eva
    2826 Telegraph Ave, Berkeley, CA 94705

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      That dish is now on the menu at Tribune Tavern in Oakland.

      Martins West has a great tongue sandwich.

    2. It's common on Eastern European and Persian menus and at izakayas.

      Shanghai places sometimes have tongue among the cold appetizers.

      Topic from 2007: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/411168

      Some other topics, some relevant: http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&am...

      1. The Bushido in Mountain View has beef tongue as a yakitori option. They also have chicken hearts and gizzards. I haven't had any of them so I can't comment on how good they are but they're on the menu. I think the food there in general is pretty solid and it's worth a visit, though.

        156 Castro St, Mountain View, CA 94041

        1. Rose Market in Mountain View sometimes grills lamb hearts over mesquite. I think the menu also has lamb kidneys and liver. I had a lamb heart wrap a week ago and loved it. Make sure you get the herb mix and onions they offer to place into the lavash. Be aware that lamb hearts are kind of springy. If you don't like that texture, make sure they cook it longer than medium rare. The texture is a lot like chicken hearts and giblets. The skewer is about $2.50 in lavash. Ask for the herb mix (mint, cilantro, parsley). That's a sparse $2.50 lunch, less than a double double.

          Marina Market in Foster City has intestines (don't know from what animal) stewed in the classic soy-anise method. I've had them a few times and love them. The first time I sampled them I worried the obvious worry, but they were clean. They had a rich flavor, richer than tripe.

          Many Chinese BBQs sell I think pig tongues. Maybe not pig. They're small, about three or four inches in length. Delicious! Stewed duck wings and tongues are also excellent.

          For tacos, I'd try cabeza, beef cheeks. Let's also not forget menudo. I think menudo is a soup of tripe. In tacos, I think it's called tripas. I love menudo but haven't found a good taco place for tripe. It always seems too dry and rubbery. It's possible these places try to get a crisp on the tripe but go too far.

          Marina Market
          735 Escobar St, Martinez, CA

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            Thanks - I already knew about most of the places/options you listed fishhead...but I'm sure others will appreciate the post. I have had Rose Market's offal skewers - they are much better if you request them to be medium rare - the first few times they were rubbery from being overcooked.

            I'm not a big fan of tripe yet...I have had it prepared in Chinese, Mexican and Polish style..not my thing yet...I tend to stay away from pig offal since most of the pigs are not raised in ways that I would feel comfortable consuming them.

            I offer a class on offal cooking - but most of my experience is with lamb, beef and chicken... and some goat...I'm hoping to branch out a bit...

          2. El Calderon Restaurant in Mtn. View:
            "Lengua en Salsa y Crema"

            (Note: ignore the link to Crema that chow adds automatically)

            El Calderon Restaurant
            699 Calderon Ave, Mountain View, CA 94041

            411 13th St, Oakland, CA 94612

            1. Not sure if Nami Nami in downtown Mountain View still offers it, but their stewed tongue dish is the best if not one of the best tongue dishes I've ever had in any cuisine. All their Japanese cooked dishes are truly excellent.

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                Thanks for the lead! I tried the beef heart skewers at Hueco in Redwood City yesterday - not impressed at all - very dry, chewy - spices were not that compelling...the heart skewers are Fuki sushi are way better. Tender and flavorful.

                El Hueco
                593 Woodside Rd, Redwood City, CA 94061

              2. Read "The whole beast - nose to tail eating" by Fergus Henderson.

                The Basque tongue stew in "The Frugal Gourmet's Our Immigrant Ancestors" is just wonderful. I've made it four or five times.

                Another good one is to make your basic boiled tongue, slice, marinate with crushed garlic, red wine vinegar, olive oil, and serve cold. Just found a recipe ... I grew up near Bakersfield, and Noriega's is my favorite restaurant in the world.


                There is sometimes an old guy selling beef at the local Farmer's Market who has cheap offal and oxtails.

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                1. you can find tongue sandwiches in kosher delis.

                  there is also jewish eastern european dish called petcha which is jellied calves feet.

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                    I'm not sure any of the handful of kosher restaurants in the Bay Area serve tongue. The only one I've heard of in or near Palo Alto is the Roast Shop and I don't think they do.

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                      I am from the east cost-born in The Bronx -lived in New Jersey and now a Floridian.

                      NY/NJ kosher deli usually serve tongue.

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                        True, but that information is not of much use in finding tongue near Palo Alto or anywhere else in the SF Bay Area.

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                        I think the jpr54_1 mean's "kosher style." These places are too far north for the OP, but there's tongue at Saul's and Miller's.