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Seeking: German Recommendations On Staten Island.

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Can anybody recommend a good place for German Food on Staten Island? Anywhere on the Island is fine.

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  1. http://www.killmeyers.com

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    1. re: Sluggo1407

      Hi Sluggo,
      Do you recommend Killmeyers, or was that just to advise it exists? If the former, can you recommend any dishes to get or avoid?

      1. re: TomChowhound

        I had read on Forgotten NY's webpage that it was good. Myself, I don't know. The Schnitzel Haus in Bay Ridge Brooklyn is very good however. I had the pork schnitzel with creamy mushroom gravy and also the goulash soup. Both were delicious.

        Schnitzel Haus
        7319 5th Ave, Brooklyn, NY 11209

    2. Ihere are no good German restos on SI

      1. If you're willing to cross the bridge, there is a good German restaurant on 5th Ave & 75th St in Brooklyn. Schnitzle Haus.

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        1. re: MrsT

          I love Schnitzle Haus, too. I once asked the chef where the Schnitzle Haus sausage was made; he said it was made in Staten Island. There must be something going on out there.

          1. re: MrsT

            Which dishes would you recommend at Schnitzle Haus? I only ate there once, but was quite disappointed. I had, I think it was, the Wiener Schniztle; and it seemed to have been frozen and then deep fried. It was kind of hard and dry.

          2. http://www.nurnbergerbierhaus.com/

            The Nurnberger Bier Haus is awesome.

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            1. re: abee

              I agree. Nurnberger Bierhaus is excellent.

              Nurnberger Bierhaus
              817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310

              1. re: buck44

                Killmeyers used to have a great chef five or six years ago but he left and the place is not to good any more. They have tons of kinds of beer however, although in my opinion foreign beers don't travel that well--they get stale--so stick with the American beers. Nurnberger Bierhaus is quite good, better than Schnitzle Haus, which was OK but the food lacked flair--it seemed flat.

                Killmeyer's Old Bavarian Inn
                4256 Arthur Kill Rd, Staten Island, NY 10309

                Nurnberger Bierhaus
                817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310

            2. I can't speak from recent experience, but before either Nurnberger Bierhaus or Killmeyer's, there was (and still is) Schaeffer's Tavern. I haven't been there in years, but the specialty was German lagers and, I think, German-style sandwiches of various wursts. It's at Victory and Bradley.

              Anyone been there lately?

              Nurnberger Bierhaus
              817 Castleton Ave, Staten Island, NY 10310

              Schaffer's Tavern
              2055 Victory Blvd, Staten Island, NY 10314

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              1. re: comestible

                IMHO Schaffer's is one of the best lunch spots in NYC

                1. re: Eggsactley

                  Schaffer's is terrific although their pastrami appears to be mass-produced and kind of stale. But otherwise it is excellent..