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Oct 21, 2010 09:24 PM

Wabora - Japanese restaurant at the Thompson Hotel

Anyone been here yet? I saw signs for it a while back but didn't realize it was open. Saw a posting on Wagjag today for a discount voucher ($20 for $40 food). Thing is there are limitations Sunday to Wednesday.

Curious to hear if anyone has been.

Voucher on Wagjag should be on the site until Sunday night (Oct 24th), if not in the main window then a sidebar deal.. Will wait to hear of feedback before deciding to buy or not :)

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  1. We were there when it first opened during the film festival, so I can't really comment on too much. We were there for a quick snack and sat in the bar area.

    It's a nice space. The food is pretty good but it's not your typical sushi. The rolls are HUGE and interesting. I wouldn't say it's the best sushi resto in town, but I'd definitely get the voucher. It's a Bracebridge restaurant that expanded here...and my cottagey friends love the place.

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      I saw this deal too and was pondering it.

      MeMeMe > The question is - do they like the place because there's limited choice (and that is the best of the lot), or do they miss it even when they're in Toronto?

      1. re: jlunar

        A lot of people say it's their favourite sushi place period. I mean, who really needs to go for sushi when you have Morley Burgers and butter tarts from The Bakery?

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          mmm.. butter tarts..

          but duly noted! good to know that it is loved even beyond its borders.

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        I've been to the Bracebridge outpost and I enjoyed it -- lots of focus on huge, intricate rolls and so forth, and offerings from any cuisine that falls under the "Asian" umbrella (i,e. teriyaki + bibimbap + pad Thai + Vietnamese cold rolls etc. etc.) I had the bibimbap and it was fairly well executed, for what that's worth.

      3. Joanne didn't like it - for what that's worth. Items sound very fusiony.

        1. Had lunch there today. Agadashi tofu was seriously delicious, beautifully plated with a seemingly animated garnish of bonito and nori, and only $6 (warning -- I don't know how they can have got it that hot -- leave it to cool a bit!!). A spicy rice-paper roll (around $13) with real crab, mango and I don't remember what else was very good and fresh tasting, but, as some other posts have indicated about the rolls here, very large -- be prepared to unhinge your jaw, or eat very messily in a few bites -- perhaps not first date fare! A couple of lunch special rice bowls (beef bulgogi and chicken katsu at $10 per) rounded out a very tasty and filling meal. The room is very clean-lined elegant and comfortable, service was friendly and sufficiently attentive. I would definitely go back. Menu pricing is wide ranging enough that while you really could do it on the cheap, it could also add up to expensive very quickly.

          1. I have not been there, but there is another $19 for $40 of food on TeamBuy today ( There are no restrictions on which day the voucher can be used, but reservations must be made Thurs-Sat. The usual restrictions also apply (taxes extra, no cash back for remaining amount on voucher, etc).

            1. I went there because a friend was staying at the Thompson (so not by choice) and it was a 2.5/5 at best.

              Don't get me wrong, the fish was fresh, but that's about the only thing they had to offer. Their specialty dishes were covered in layers of various sauces that just took away from the finesse that defines Japanese cuisine. The service was horrible and the place is filled with mostly tourist, so it has a strange vibe. Decor is relatively cheesy as well.

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                Has anyone been to Wabora recently and enjoyed the raw fish offerings? I'm staying at the Thompson Hotel this weekend and might be on my own for dinner on Friday night. I'm toying with popping into Wabora for some straight up sushi/sashimi, meaning no wacky rolls. I'll just avoid those and stick with simpler fare. I wish I could see the full menu online, but I'll take my chances, provided someone can tell me that the chefs are serving fresh fish and are willing to keep the crazy sauces and deep fried bits out of my sushi.