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Oct 21, 2010 08:03 PM

Saturday Late Lunch

Hey folks,

I am beginning to realize there is a dearth of lunch options on the weekends. Some places are open until 2pm and then re-open at 5, but which places are open in between?

I wanted to do Amis, and JG Domestic, and Zahav and Koo Zee Doo and Meritage but they're all closed for that time. I know Supper is open but I've done it to death, and Farmicia is open but it seems a little bland. Places like Parc and Village Whiskey are usually swamped, as is Honey's.

The only place I can think of really is Garces Trading Company... which is cool, but I've been there before. is there anything else similar? Preferably center center city, or close to Fairmount is fine too.

Many thanks,

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  1. Adsum is open til 3:00...
    It is amazing how many places are closed!
    Cafe Estelle is open til 4:00, North 3rd is open al day I think...

    1. Estia, Tria, Argan, Amada, Zavino, and Chifa are all open for lunch and may be open later (I think...) Reading Terminal Market is also having a Harvest Festival this week and they usually grill up something in addition to their usual offerings.

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        Thanks for the suggestions! Unfortunately I called Amada and they'e closed for lunch after 2:30, they just serve some cheese and drinks at the bar between then and dinner.

        We might just do a late late lunch at 5pm, really have been meaning to try JG Domestic

      2. Continental is open for lunch until 4. It's a fun place with good food.