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Oct 21, 2010 05:28 PM

Where to eat near Chelsea?

My girlfriend and I have tickets to see Rammstein at Madison Square Garden on the 11th of December...we are from Wisconsin and as such are going to be total tourists for the three-ish days we are there...We are staying at the Chelsea Star Hotel (its cheap.)..and are wondering about some good places to eat nearby...We are not 21 and she is a picky vegetarian (i.e no peas, peppers of any kind, onions if they are fried, and carrots only if they are soft) so some place where she will not be hated for a complicated order would be awesome:)...I will eat basically whatever except's delicious but i don't like eating baby cows...

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  1. Welcome to nyc. As you dodge the doddering near the Chelsea Star Hotel (not a garden spot, but then, it's only a spot), head southwest to Blossom, a vegan restaurant that will satisfy your collective fussiness.