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Oct 21, 2010 04:58 PM

Best pizza in Alhambra?

What are your favorites for pizza in Alhambra? I am going to be in the area tonight and have had my fill of Asian cuisine and craving a good thin-crust pizza

I have tried Bollini's in Monterey Park and thought it was OK but have no experience with Genovese's or Vittorias in Alhambra. Petrillo's in San Gabriel is good but don't want to travel that far

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  1. Wow, that's kind of tough. There might no such thing as "best pizza" if you limit it to just Alhambra.

    Maybe consider Charlie's Trio on Main Street?

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      In San Gabriel try Petrillos, ask for thin crust.

    2. Though I have never tried the pizza, many people I know like the pizza at Alondra Hot Wings- on Main St.

      1. I definitely enjoyed Bollini's when i went but its been awhile...tell em to make sure the crust is fully out of our 4 pies was way undercooked....

        1. Thanks to everyone who responded. I ended up getting a burger at Ricks last night since most of my party cancelled, but will keep your suggestions handy

          Has anyone tried Genovese's, Vittoria's, or Angelo's in Alhambra?

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            I have been to Genovese's and I enjoyed the pizza for the most part. The crust was slightly sweet, which was my only issue. My dining companions loved it and appreciated the crust, so it really does come down to personal preference.

            I would eat a pizza from Genovese's again, but I'd likely grab it to-go. During my only visit so far (about a month ago), we sat outside and our waitress seemed to forget about us after the pizza arrived. We ended up having to get up to find her for drinks and our check. It wasn't a busy day, so I'm not sure why the service was bad. And I couldn't tell you if it is a consistent problem.

            I haven't tried Vittoria's or Angelo's.

          2. Just a little out, but I like the thin crust at Red Devil in Monterey Park on Garfield.