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Oct 21, 2010 04:51 PM

soup containers?

i like to make large batches of homemade soup. What are the best containers to freeze it in smaller portions? Where can I get a lot of them?

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  1. I like Ziploc (and other more or less identical brand) reusable containers, found in the Supermarket near the aluminum foil and such. They're plastic, Tupperware like things, but they're cheap, dishwasher safe, and stack easily. They're allegedly disposable, but I swear I've had some of the same ones for years and they're holding up just fine.

    1. Agree with Pothead. I use them for partition by chicken stock and them in the freezer. Some example of these containers:

      Get the size and shape you need.

      1. I like Ziplock too, but I use the quart freezer bags. You can put an individual portion of soup in them, squeeze the air out, zip them shut and freeze them flat. They take up less room in the freezer and the ice crystals do not form on the top even after months in the freezer. (I started using this method when we froze soup for my widowed father. I once caught him with a whole bunch of those cheap Banquet frozen dinners in his freezer).

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          I do the same as you, John E. A while back I made a HUGE batch of stock. Put one and two cups worth in zipping bags. Froze them flat and then put them standing up in a box in the freezer. Kicking myself that I didn't start that years ago.

          1. re: c oliver

            Actually, I only put soup into the zip type freezer bags. I put 2 cups of stock into .5 liter water bottles. When my parents started to winter in Arizona, they had so many oranges my father started to squeeze them and freeze the juice in water bottles and I though stock would freeze good that way too. I used to use cottage cheese containers and other freezer containers but none of them work as well as the bottles.

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              I love the idea of freezing stock in water bottles. Given the narrow neck, do you have a quick-defrost tip?

              1. re: CindyJ

                I put the bottles in an ice cream bucket in the sink and put hot tap water on them. I change the tap water a couple of times if I'm around or just wait a couple hours. Either way, it's much easier than my impatient method of using a serrated knife and cutting the bottle in half and putting the frozen stock in a Pyrex container and microwaving it.

        2. I freeze them in small tupperware containers then place them in larger gallon ziploc bags once they are frozen. Sometimes I'll vacuum seal them (after being frozen). Remember to LABEL those bags.

          1. Another vote for Ziploc. I like the Twist & Lock...they're great for work lunches because they won't leak in transit.