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Oct 21, 2010 04:49 PM

Craving Fresh Hop Ales

'tis the season for fresh hop ales to be released, and I was looking for a couple growler fills to bring to a party this Sunday. Any fresh hop craft ales of distinction available locally? Seems like PDX is more of a fresh hop hotbed these days. Noticed some offering available at Naked CIty and Rock Georgetown offereing anything *fresh*?


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  1. I think we had Deschutes 'Hop Trip,' on tap, a year or two ago at Bad Albert's taproom on Ballard Avenue.
    It rocks and was so complex in flavor that my hop-avoiding wife said "hey, this is kind of good."
    Draft is way better than the bottled.

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      Hopfest happened at Bottleworks last week- there are still a couple of kegs on tap as of this afternoon + multiple bottles of fresh-hopped beer available. Check Brouwer's too- all Washington beers this month

    2. I was at the Dray today and saw a fresh hopped beer on tap and they were advertising a bottled fresh hopped IPA. Always a good place for fresh beer.

      1. The Urban Beer Garden at Fremont Brewing Company has a great fresh hop ale on tap right now.

        Fremont Brewing Company
        3409 Woodland Park Avenue North, Seattle, WA 98103

        1. Big Al's, my current favorite brewery, has a fresh hopped, Harvest Ale that's fantastic.
          I haven't seen it on tap outside of their tap room, though.

          Worth the trip to White Center.

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            They didn't have it when I was there last Saturday, to my chagrin- call first

          2. noble fir has the tremendous Loco Imperial Red Fresh Hop on tap and i am pretty sure you can fill growlers there