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lunch in Manayunk?

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I live in Glenside and will be meeting a former co-worker who lives in Upper Darby, for lunch in a couple Saturdays. I thought a good in-between meeting place might be Manayunk? Does anyone have any place they recommend there for lunch? We're both open to pretty much any kind of food. A place with very good salads, soups and sandwiches would fit the bill, but ethnic restaurants are always a possibility as well.

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  1. I just had lunch at the Adobe Cafe (BBQ duck burrito and lobster bisque - $20) at Mitchell and Leverington, not far from Main Street, and it was very good. I also like The Couch Tomato Cafe for gourmet pizza and (decent) salads. I've enjoyed LeBus on Main Street when I've been there (try the Blue Colorado salad).

    Main Street Cafe
    126 E Main St, Elkton, MD 21921

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      Chaba Thai is another option to consider. Some of the best Thai food you will find in the Philadelphia area. Note they do not open until 1pm on Saturdays.

      I have always enjoyed Le Bus, and Couch Tomato does make a good pizza.

    2. Would she go as far as Chestnut Hill? Cake, on Germantown Ave, is delightful.
      Atrium setting, lovely soups, salds, sandwiches.
      That's where I meet a cousin who lives in the northern suburbs.
      There is a parking lot across the street. Parking in Manayunk can be very difficult.

      1. I definitely third or fourth lebus on main st in manayunk. Not just because I used to work there, but because the food is really very good. The best turkey burgers, veggie burgers, and plain burgers, as well as other sandwiches. There are at least 2 soups de jour that change daily and all are excellent. chabaa thai has excellent ethnic food as well. Manayunk Tavern also has pretty decent food, and a small and fun atmosphere.

        1. Le Bus is OK. It's nothing special, but it's fine and and it's definitely a salad/soup/sandwich kind of place. Chabaa Thai is a rather different style of food from that, but I would say it is also a much more memorable meal.

          1. Thanks everyone, lots of good ideas. I've emailed her and will report back on where we end up and how it was.

            1. Reporting back:

              Chabaa Thai sounded great but didn't open early enough for us for this time, so I will have to try that one another time. We ended up at Couch Tomato Cafe and it was a good choice, so thanks to all.

              We each had personal size pizzas, she had white crust, white pie w ricotta and basil, and I had a wheat crust, red sauce pie w pineapple and turkey bacon. We both enjoyed what we had. My friend also had a cannoli which looked very good and she said it was.

              One thing for those who haven't been and don't frequent Manayunk so wouldn't know - this is a very small place. There were 3 tables for four that were extremely close together (about two inches between backs of chairs, if that), one couch, and a long counter with stools (and in nicer weather, there were also a few outdoor tables). So although the pizzas were delicious, this wouldn't be a place to go with a larger party to linger. And even for just the two of us, as there were many people coming in hoping for a seat, it didn't feel like a good place to linger and talk. There are many other spots in Manayunk for that, so if you don't mind switching to a coffeeshop for that part, then it doesn't matter. But not everyone wants to do that so it's a good thing to know.