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Taco Burger/BellBeefer Recs

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As a youngster, I remember having Taco Burgers at
Pup-n-Taco and BellBeefers at Taco Bell. They were essentially hamburger buns with taco meat, shredded cheddar cheese and shredded lettuce. The bun was spread with a chili sauce or 1000 island dressing.

Unfortunately, Pup-n-Taco went belly-up and Taco Bell stopped serving its BellBeefers some time ago.

I have called Taco Bell corporate and they have declined to bring them back. I guess they have too much invested in their slogan "think outside the bun".

Anyway, does anyone else share my passion for these things or are my taste buds whacked?

I would welcome any recs for anyplace that still serves them. The closest thing I found is at Taco Lita in Arcadia.

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  1. Go get one tonight. Ya. I like the Bell Beefer also. I have one every now-and-then. Taco Bell in El Monte still has the Bell Beefer and I think they still make the enchrito (spell?).

    Taco Bell
    4134 N. Peck Rd.
    El Monte, CA 91734
    (626) 442-0840
    North of Romona Blvd.

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    1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

      OMG. I have been missing the bellbeefer for years. We were just talking about them the other night. I thought maybe since you can now buy the taco bell meat seasoning I could make my own. I didn't know they still had them in ElMonte. You can bet I will be going there

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        I just had one a few nights ago. My wife brought it home because she knows I like them. She ordered two but since it was late at night they only had enough bun to make one. When I opened it I saw it was made with two bun tops. It looked more round and like a UFO (not that I have ever seen a UFO) and somehow it was really good that way.

    2. I posted a while back, they are the B O M B, i would kill for a Bell Beefer with cheese.

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      1. re: Burger Boy

        I just called and they are closed for the night but they do still make Bell Beefers and the enchrito. You can have it for lunch monyona. So don't kill anyone -- OK?

        Taco Bell
        4134 N. Peck Rd.
        El Monte, CA 91734
        (626) 442-0840
        North of Romona Blvd.

        1. re: Like-Go-Eat?

          A special thanks to Like-Go-Eat? for informing the group about the Taco Bell in El Monte that serves Bell Beefers! After not trying one for decades, I went there for lunch today and ordered the Bell Beefer and it was as good as I remembered. The taco meat was slightly spicy, mixed in with tiny bits of onions and red sauce and topped with shredded lettuce, grated cheese, and diced tomatoes. YUM!

          1. re: John

            Thanks, I really needed that. Especially Today. I think what makes Taco Bells “Bell Beefer” so special to many Chowhounds (including those Chowhounds that have not yet recognized that they are and always have been Chowhounds) is that it was one of the First Different or Special foods (What? Taco + Burger?) years ago that they “had to try” and began to look forward to eating more of them. In-other-words when these hounds were still little pups this was some of their PuppyChow. It has been said , “you can never go home.” Maybe so. But pull up to the drive-throw and order a Bell Beefer and then park in the rear of the parking lot. Close your eyes and eat that Bell Beefer in your car. Think back to your “First time.”

            Taco Bell (Bell Beefer, Encharito)
            4134 N. Peck Rd.
            El Monte, CA 91734
            (626) 442-0840
            North of Romona Blvd.

          2. re: Like-Go-Eat?

            oh my i really dont remember the bell beefers but i sure would like to try one. are they still around?

            1. re: taco

              Ya, but the only Taco Bell that still offers it the way it was made in the 1960's is that El Monte location. I had one there two weeks ago. There is also a taco burger offered at Taco Treat and at Henry’s Tacos. I ate at Taco Treat today. I had one of those long deep fried bean & cheese burritos. I really do not like that burrito all that much but it is a good vehicle for getting some of their hot sauce. The hot sauce is not really all that hot but it is different and it is one of those things I need from time-to-time, just like that Bell Burger over on Peck Rd.

              Taco Bell (Bell Burger, also known as Bell Beefer)
              4134 N. Peck Rd.
              El Monte, CA 91734
              (626) 442-0840
              North of Romona Blvd.

              Taco Treat (Taco Burger and a interesting hot sauce which is liked by WildSwede)
              74 E Live Oak Ave.

              Henry’s Tacos (Taco Burger)
              11401 Moorpark St
              North Hollywood, CA 91602
              (818) 769-0343

              1. re: JeetJet

                OMG! I LOVE Taco Treat! I think their tacos are delicious and so are their burritos! You are right, Jeet - that salsa is good. The owner once told me to try using it for Bloody Marys. Unfortunately, I am not a fan of BMs, so I would not know.

        2. i used to luv these too!!! i guess if i'm ever in elmonte i'll have to hit up the taco bell for a fix!!! i wish they offered at more places :(

          1. I miss Pup N' Taco's tacos. However, have found something similar in Rick's Tacos (corner Wanlut & El Molino, Pasadena) tacos (which I LOVE). Also, I believe they do a taco burger here as well (but have not had it).

            1. We ate at the oft-reviewed Counter in Santa Monica last night.

              No comment about my meal.

              But, FYI, they have a Taco Burger on their menu. It's not on the "Build your Burger" menu. It's on the regular menu.

              I didn't eat one, so I can't recommend it. But it is there if you want to take one for the team and report back to us.

              1. if ya want to drive up the coast one of these days, there's Tacobells both in Ventura and Fillmore still serves bellbeefers, complete with the arches and faux
                adobe ambience.

                1. I fondly remember the Pup N Taco and Taco Bell version, as well.

                  You can try Henry's Tacos at Tujunga and Moorpark in Studio City. They make a taco burger that is similar to the Bellburger. I think the meat is likely a bit better than Taco Bell these days.

                  On a side note, Henry's Tacos is the Olson twins' favorite restaurant, but then again, they have eating disorders.

                  1. Gosh, this sounds like something any grade school cafeteria would serve on a weekly basis ...


                    1. Thanks for all the info, I will try them all.

                      1. My mom's diner had them - and they were quite popular, along w/ the Colosso (or Texan) burger which is a hamburger w/ pastrami. The diner was one of those mom-and-pop run things called Jim's Burgers - similar diners should have the Taco Burger as they seem to all serve the same stuff. They also all seem to be called "____'s Burgers"."

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                        1. re: WaterIsGood

                          I just read over all the other posts on this topic, and it seems like the consensus is to stick w/ a Taco Bell that still serves them - one note about that though is, while I've never seen the taco burger at Taco Bell, I'm willing to bet that the ones at those mom-n-pop burger places will be bigger and tastier w/ fresher ingredients (although I'm not sure how much you can improve on taco meat).

                        2. The Taco Burger at Henry's is good (I like it w/o mustard) the quality is a lot better than Taco Bell. You will probably be able to buy 2 at Taco Bell for the price of 1 at Henry's though. I would still go to Henry's

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                            Add my reco for Henrey'. Make special trips frequently. Used to work at TB in the 70's and prepared many a BellBeefer (ate them customized to my taste as well, read mucho sauce).

                          2. Taco Bell up in Bishop still makes them also Taco Town in Downey makes a good one I think they call it a bun taco

                            1. Just got back from Henry's, Taco Burger $2.95 that and a hard shell taco almost $5.50. Henry's is over-priced but the quality is good and the sauce is what makes it anyway (at least for me).

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                                Agree Henry'one of the last surviving Taco Burgers. Mustard, thought , and extra sauce - you gotta!

                              2. I think I am correct in that Bellbeefer's were originally called Bell Burgers. Wasn't the Bellbeefer thing created in the 70's? I remember as a kid in the 60's they were called Bell Burgers. They were better than anything on Taco Bell's menu.

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                                  1. re: swimfin

                                    The most important thing about the Bell Burger was the price, 15 cents, as was everything on the menu

                                1. Go to Rick's Tacos in Pasadena before they lose their zillion-year lease. They call it a taco burger, kinda dry without extra sauce - be aware there is the sauce the cook guy adds (milder) and the sauce you can walk away with and add later - tangier.

                                  1. i remember when i was a kid Taco Bell was the best, i don't really go anymore and when i do it's only because there is nothing else around (or open). I'm trying to remember when the quality died. maybe when the were bought by Pepsi? Del Taco is much better for the money

                                    1. Go to any Del Taco and order a Bun Taco. They're not on the menu, but they're $2 and every Del Taco makes them.

                                      1. I too my friend was a victim of the VICIOUS bell burger of taco bell in the early 80's and late 70's.....and yes, even to my fairly refined palate...I still crave those evil bunned bastards. Disturbing isnt it, as we age we find that the dull lifeless food of childhood slap up stands call to us..Sadly I live far from my beloved West Coast. And find myself living in the ranks of champion fried okra cooks. where Beer and Nascar are prized above all else. Except for the size of a woman's hair, and how tight her wrangler jeans fit.....dear lord save me...

                                        1. So I am asking the Taco Bell Chowhounds this . . . Which Taco Bell makes Mexican Pizzas with black olives, green onions, tomatoes, and sour cream on top, and also puts a decent amount of sauce on top?