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Oct 21, 2010 03:33 PM

Anybody heard of Hewlett-East Rockaway Jewish Center?

Two people told me that the caterer here is very eager to please which would work well for a friend of mine trying to do an alternative type wedding.
Any experience with the caterer Culinary Concepts?
Thanks for your feedback!

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  1. This place has been through a bunch of caterers over the years. I've been here dozens of times, the food has been anywhere from unremarkable to pretty oK. The last time I was there was in May or June 2010. The food was incredible. If it was the same caterer, you're in good shape.
    I'm not sure how many ppl you're having but even though it's a really nice hall, it's not that big.

      1. don't know if you are still looking for a caterer, but I just booked a wedding @ HERJC & yes, he is eager to please...Culinary Concepts is the current caterer ( as of this spring/summer) ...he has alot of experience & was most recently the chef @ Sephardic Temple...He was very patient with us while we were deciding, give him a call!

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          Is the former caterer at Hewlett East Rockaway, K & T still in business?

        2. The original comment has been removed
          1. I think you are misusing the word caterer. Culinary Concepts is the caterer. The person you dealt with was likely a manager. Was it the manager that disappeared or Culinary Concepts the caterer? Who was the check made out to? Was your issue with the manager and then you decided to break the contract with Culinary Concepts?

            1. re: avitrek

              avi-it seems that Perle's whole confused complaint has disappeared..............
              You seem to ask the same questions I posed and could not receive answers.