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Top 10 best things to eat in Metro Detroit

Idea stolen from the Dallas Board.
Name your top ten food items from Metro Detroit establishments. Format: The item, where to get it.

Mine in no particular order:
The supino, Supino's pizza
vegetarian Botana, Monterray's Cantina
chicken torta sandwich, Avalon Bakery
tart frozen yogurt, Swirlberry Westbloomfield
the boot. Flytrap
rainbow swirl cookies, Zeman's Bakery
Apple orchard doughnuts, Wiard's apple orchard
whipped goat cheese appetizer, Cafe Habana's Ann Arbor
Wild Mushroom crepe, What Crepe
Fresh baked Pita with side of garlic dip, Pita Cafe

2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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  1. Mexican - Taqueria Alameda (Westland)
    Pizza - The Smokey @ Supino's (Eastern Market)
    Polish - Polish Village Cafe (Hamtown)
    Beer - Raspberry Eisbock @ Kuhnhenn's (Warren)
    BBQ - Lazybones in Roseville (I usually get the Texas Sampler)
    Thai (Spicy) - Little Bangkok Cuisine (Plymouth)
    Thai (Flava) - Thai Bistro (Canton)
    Indian - Neehee's (Same Plaza at Thai Bistro!)
    Fish and Chips - Scotty Simpson's (Westside Detroit)
    Soup and/or Sandwiches - Mudgie's (Corktown)

    Still hunting for great French Onion Soup, Chicken Wings, Chili and Burgers (Sorry Guys, I am not a Miller's Guy) in Detroit.

    Thai Bistro
    45620 Ford Rd, Canton, MI 48187

    Polish Village Cafe
    2990 Yemans St, Hamtramck, MI 48212

    Little Bangkok Cuisine
    545 Forest Ave, Plymouth, MI 48170

    1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226

    2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

    1. i will give it a try:

      veal parmesan - roma cafe, detroit
      pulled pork - lazy bones, roseville
      puffy taco - el charro, fraser
      tomato soup - assaggi, ferndale
      round pizza - alibi inn, troy
      square pizza - cloverleaf, eastpointe
      el guapo (dark mexican lager brewed for cinco de mayo) - black lotus, clawson
      veal tenderloin - cafe via, birmingham
      cheese burger - red coat, royal oak
      lobster bisque - detroit athletic club, detroit

      nostalgia: seared salmon with carmelized capers - joe muer's, detroit

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      1. re: xman887

        This was tough, but here are my picks (unfortunately including a couple places now closed and dishes no longer available, but such is life in metro detroit)...

        strozzapreti norcina - bacco
        'the egg' - tribute
        pork shoulder - gourmet garden
        sweetbread risotto - forest grill
        roasted lamb sandwich - fiddleheads
        pho - thuy trang
        cheeseburger - millers
        lobster bisque- dac (good call, xman887)
        foie gras - rugby grille during the david gilbert reign
        bao zi - shangri-la

        1. re: rcloud

          2 questions:What is bao zi? Can one eat at the dac if a person isn't a member?

          1. re: schaf1

            Bao zi (包子) is a essentially a filled, steamed bun that is a stable of dim sum. Their version, while not the best ever, is still very tasty and the authentic Chinese options in the area are very limited, which may have clouded my judgement in ranking it so high.

            Regarding the dac, it is members only, but I believe they have events for prospective members. With the economy the way it has been, membership has taken a substantial hit (from what I can tell). So, if you called and said you were interested in joining, I'm sure something could be arranged.

          2. re: rcloud

            I can concur with Miller's. One of the top 2 burgers I've had in the US. It was simply excellent.


            1. re: Davwud

              How long ago did you have one? The last three or so times I've been to Miller's, their burger just didn't impress me at all, and it used to...it *definitely* used to. Now? It's certainly edible, but it's nothing I couldn't get in a lot of other places, and far better in a few places locally.

              I'm wondering if something's gone on behind the scenes.

        2. This is a really good topic! Thank you to everyone who has posted so far--you have given me many things on my list to try!

          reuben - The Onion Roll Deli (Royal Oak)
          chilli chicken - Namaste Flavours (Farmington Hills)
          pasteles - Pupuseria y Restaurante Salvadoreno (Mexicantown, Detroit)
          smoked ribeye - Union Woodshop (Clarkston)
          exotic mushroom scramble with boursin - Cafe Muse (Royal Oak)
          izakaya grub - Kitchen Hanzo (West Bloomfield)
          southern Thai noodle - Thai Taste (Troy)
          cheese burek - Te Mergimtari (Sterling Heights)
          andhra special pesarattu - Athidhi Indian Cuisine (Sterling Heights)
          chicken gyro - New York Red Hots (Madison Heights)

          Onion Roll Deli
          27302 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

          Cafe Muse
          418 S Washington Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

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          1. re: jjspw

            re: Onion Roll Deli ...

            I've been driving by it for years, but never stopping. Today I wanted a reuben for lunch. It was terrific ... and large enough for both lunch & dinner.

            Onion Roll Deli
            27302 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48067

            1. re: rainsux

              Rain, same for me...lived on the Woodward corridor forever and just got there this year. Just wonderful and the prices are totally reasonable. My sister and I split a sandwich and still couldn't finish it, plus it's a little funky place that hasn't changed since it opened.

              1. re: rainsux

                "Rainsux killed the Onion Roll Deli from the grassy knoll.

                After searching the archives it's clear that RS is an IRS historian via DC and now we have to search for better pastrami in RO. RS.. You can do better than raining down on such people...who need their pastrami." Attributed to Adrian Cronauer..

                Time to refresh this thread, y'all.

                1. re: goatgolfer

                  Heheee. If by refresh you mean add to it, then I'll offer up Ridley's (Rochester Rd in Troy) healthy muffins. Darn, those oat/bran items are delicious.
                  Also had a tempeh slider with wasabi "mustard" and Japanese seaweed relish kind of stuff at Green Dot Stables tonight which was wonderful. Way better than it may sound to most carnivores.

                  1. re: goatgolfer

                    Lately, I've been traveling to Hygrade Deli for my reubens.

              2. Chocolate babka: Zemans
                Country bread: Zingermans
                Tortilla chips and guacamole (housemade): Carnival Market, Pontiac
                Onion rings: Redcoat or Hoggers (Berkley)
                Shawarma sandwich with garlic sauce: Pita Cafe
                Pita bread: New Yasmeen
                Hummus: International Market, Sterling Heights
                Chicken and rice: Beirut Bakery, Redford
                Scones: Elwins (must get from the source in Berkley)
                Broasted chicken and potatoes: Chicken Shack

                Thought I couldn't come up with ten things...now I think I could come up with twenty!

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                  1. re: interplanetjanet

                    Preface--- Firstly, rcloud needs to have his/her Bush tax cut expired. Second, coney with everything needs stop beating me to the punch, and thirdly, jjspw needs to get some motivation and post something about Athidhi if it's so damn good.


                    a. Picano’s of Troy’s Fettuccine with basilico sauce

                    b. Papa Joe’s Grocery of Birmingham’s roast “Kobe” beef sandwich, with a house rose…I love drinking at a grocery because it makes me feel like I’m getting away with something.

                    c. Topor’s pickles, available at many Detroit grocers.

                    d. Ajishin of Novi’s udon noodle soup

                    e. Give Thanks Bakery of Rochester-- almond croissant.

                    f. Polish Market of Troy—mixed bag of sausages from the meat counter

                    g. La Saj Lebanese (non vegetarian) combo for two, at Lakeside mall

                    h. Blue Nile Ethiopian in Ferndale, (non vegetarian) combo

                    j. Sy Ginsberg (United Meat Co.?) corned beef available at Hollywood Mkt, Hiller’s Mkt, etc.

                    k. Je Yook Kimchi (pork belly sauteed with spicy pickled napa cabbage and steamed tofu) from Korea Palace in Sterling Hts.

                    wow, that was fun, wasn't it?
                    PS---Because I'm a nice guy, I'm going to help Sir Boagman get his list started:
                    1. Giovanni's Italian of Detroit

                    42270 Grand River Ave, Novi, MI 48375

                    Korea Palace
                    34744 Dequindre Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

                    Blue Nile Ethiopian Restaurant
                    545 W 9 Mile Rd, Ferndale, MI 48220

                    La Saj
                    13776 Southcove Dr, Sterling Heights, MI 48313

                    1. re: vtombrown

                      Vtb: Based on your k. recommendation for Jaeuk Kimchi Bokum (their spelling) at Korea Palace I went today for lunch. I have no idea how I have missed this place for so many years. Correctly spiced for my palate, friendly people, authentic (according to the Korean couple at the next table) and spotless inside. This kimchi dish is lucious and a new combination for me. I am going back soon to try some more authentic Korean food.

                      P.S. I am working on my ten list and this may make it.

                      Korea Palace
                      34744 Dequindre Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

                      1. re: goatgolfer

                        Neat-O ! Glad you liked Korea Palace, goatgolfer. This is a place touted by donbui82. It's not really a Korean BBQ place, but many of their other stews and stir fry dishes are quite nice.

                        Looking forward to seeing your Top 10.

                        PS--I hope rcloud, jjspw and Cw/E know that I was just teasing them, in my Top 10 preface.

                        1. re: vtombrown

                          vtombrown- no offense taken, it is all in good fun! Although I feel compelled to say I've always been against the Bush tax cuts :-)

                          By the way, I can't wait to try out Korea Palace. After living in China, strangely one of the biggest things I miss is quality Korean food.

                          Also, jjspw: thank you for the reminder of Kitchen Hanzo. It's been far too long since I've been there and definitely deserves a spot on anyones top 10 (and after reading your review of Thai Taste I now have another place I can't wait to try).

                          Korea Palace
                          34744 Dequindre Rd, Sterling Heights, MI 48310

                          1. re: rcloud

                            rcloud - I rarely make it out to Hanzo myself, as it's quite a hike from where I live. Definitely one of the most under-talked-about places in town! Thai Taste is also a winner! You'll enjoy it.

                            VTB - no offense taken here, either. Will post an Athidhi write-up soon!

                          2. re: vtombrown

                            No, I'm totally offended :)

                            Especially because you mentioned Sy Ginsberg corned beef and I regret not including it on MY list!

                        2. re: vtombrown

                          Have you had McClure's pickles?

                          1. re: schaf1

                            Oh I have and they are to me.....One of the best things on Earth.

                            1. re: JanPrimus

                              Agreed (and with that said, I think I will make a trip to the fridge right now)

                          2. re: vtombrown

                            Day #2 of eating my way through this list ... visited the Give Thanks Bakery to verify that
                            the almond croissant is worthy of Ten Best. It is. I like the first one so much, I ate a
                            second. That was a mistake. They are deceptively rich.

                            Tip: Their address, 225 South Main Street, is quite misleading. They do not have any
                            signage on S. Main. You gotta go to alley behind (west) of South Main Street.

                            Ciao, hounds.

                            1. re: rainsux

                              Yeah, it was a challenge to find Give Thanks the first time I went! But good stuff for sure, just wish they'd stay open later than 3 so I could go after work

                      2. Eastside slant (I don't travel well)

                        Medallions of Beef - Mario's, Second Ave.
                        Veal Oscar - Boodles, Madison Heights,
                        Clams Risotto - Bucci, GPW
                        Grilled Hamburger - Eastgate Pub, Roseville
                        Lake Perch - Pat O'brien's, SCS
                        French Fries - Classic Coney Grill, Fraser
                        Lemon Pepper Chicken - Park Grill, GPP
                        Crawfish Bisque - Howe's Bayou, Ferndale
                        Italian Sub - Bommarito Bakery, SCS
                        Ice Cream treats - Chocolate Bar, GPW

                        Eastgate Bar
                        26449 Gratiot Ave, Roseville, MI 48066

                        Classic Coney Grill
                        34553 Utica Rd, Fraser, MI 48026

                        Pat O'brien's
                        22385 E 10 Mile Rd, Saint Clair Shores, MI 48080

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                        1. re: RedTop

                          Here's my list:
                          Rye bread - Star Bakery, Oak Park
                          Lentil soup - Pita Cafe Oak Park
                          Fattoush - Al Berdouni, Dearborn
                          Italian (anything) --- Giovanni's, Detroit
                          Corned beef sandwich --- Bread Basket, Oak Park
                          Corned Beef Hash (also turkey hash) -- Deli Unique, Bloomfield Hills
                          Ice creams - Ray's, RO
                          BBQ shrimp and Crawfish bisque - Howe's Bayou, Ferndale
                          Root beer - A& W drive-in, Berkley
                          Breakfast --- tie, Toast, Flytrap and Deli Unique

                          Bread Basket
                          17740 Woodward Ave, Detroit, MI 48203

                          Deli Unique
                          39495 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304

                          Corned Beef Cafe
                          9296 Broadview Rd, Broadview Heights, OH 44147

                          Berkley Breakfast Cafe
                          1999 Coolidge Hwy, Berkley, MI 48072

                        2. Interesting.

                          One of Detroit's claims to fame is the Coney. No one mentioned it.


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                            1. re: Davwud

                              I think I am all Coney'ed Out. It is like the Auto Industry. I rather see us diversify and grow past them.

                              1. re: Davwud

                                Yeah, I think they're somewhat of a commodity, although I crave one every six months or so.

                              2. After years of lurking and following your advice, I decided to finally jump in. Here's my top 10:

                                1. Crab Meat Rangoon - light and crisp with no grease soaking through. Their Imperial chicken and hot and sour soup is great too. New Peking in Garden City

                                2. Shrimp Creole and/or Red Beans and Rice - atmosphere zero, food ten plus. Definitely a carry out place. Louisiana Creole Gumbo in Detroit

                                3. Roasted Vegetable with Chevre Omelette - order it with organic eggs, huge difference. Everything is fresh as they're located on the perimeter of Eastern Market - Russell Street Deli in Detroit

                                4. Chocolate Chip Cookie with Sea Salt - Avalon International Bread Company in Detroit

                                5. Coleslaw - shredded super fine with a creamy sweet dressing - Mr. Chicken in Redford or Dearborn Heights

                                6. Chateaubriand at Lelli's in Auburn Hills (Slight disclaimer, I haven't been to Lelli's in well over a year, but my memory of the Chateau is great)

                                7. Piedmontese Burger at any Red Coat Tavern

                                8. Vegetarian Mousaka - you won't miss the meat at all, rich and perfectly seasoned with a touch of cinnamon -- at Uptown Parthenon in West Bloomfield

                                9. Sushi -- any sushi, all good -- at Akasaka in Livonia

                                10. Chicken Marsala -- just like Grandma used to make -- at the Courthouse Grille in Plymouth

                                Red Coat Tavern
                                31542 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073

                                Uptown Parthenon
                                4301 Orchard Lake Rd, West Bloomfield, MI 48323

                                Louisiana Creole Gumbo
                                2051 Gratiot Ave, Detroit, MI 48207

                                New Peking Restaurant
                                29105 Ford Rd, Garden City, MI 48135

                                Russell Street Deli
                                2465 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

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                                  1. re: coney with everything


                                    I really must try Rosedale's #6. (Lelli's)

                                        1. re: interplanetjanet

                                          Not being a local, I don't feel qualified to compile a top 10. My food preferences when I'm in Detroit have more to do with the deprivation I experience the rest of the year Up North! :) I don't have enough experience with what's actually available in the city currently. Thanks for asking, though!

                                1. In no particular order:

                                  Ice cream: Shatila Bakery (the fruit ice creams), Dearborn
                                  Hot Dogs: Hippos, Troy
                                  Lasagna: Ruggero's, Flint
                                  Seafood: Pappadeaux, Cincinnati (great rice & beans too)
                                  Appetizer: Roasted garlic, Hogans, Bloomfield Hills
                                  Sliders: Telway, Hazel Park
                                  Soups: Modern Food & Spirits
                                  Indian: NeeHees
                                  Hot, Dead Cow: Roast
                                  Ribs: Ginopolis

                                  Ginopolis Restaurant
                                  27815 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

                                  Modern Food & Spirits
                                  1535 Cass Lake Rd, Keego Harbor, MI 48320

                                  2055 S Linden Rd, Flint, MI 48532

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                                  1. re: rainsux

                                    Rainsux, I've driven by Ginopolis many a time and never eaten there...what do you like about the ribs?

                                    Ginopolis Restaurant
                                    27815 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

                                    1. re: coney with everything

                                      Ginopolis uses the Montgomery Inn (Cincinnati) recipe. I grew up on Montgomery Inn ribs. For me, it is one of my personal comfort foods.

                                      I wish I could go back & edit my original post ... I'd like to replace Roast with:

                                      Fried chicken: Haabs; Ypsilanti

                                      Ginopolis Restaurant
                                      27815 Middlebelt Rd, Farmington Hills, MI 48334

                                      Montgomery Inn
                                      11314 Tamarco Dr, Cincinnati, OH 45242

                                      1. re: rainsux

                                        I havent been there in 8+ years but I remember the Ginopolis ribs being good, it has been too long to know if i would still like them

                                        I don't have at top 10 becuase I have not lived in DTW for so long but i will throw out a couple favs:

                                        1) Mazno Ribeye at Volare in Wixom along with procuitto and red peppers app.
                                        2) NY Deli on 7th and (livonia maybe i forget) in Novi the pastrami with swiss and russian dressing and coleslaw, not it is nowhere as good as Langer's in LA but for Michigan it is great, and their double baked sourdough is great
                                        3) the Chinese Place on 12th and Orchard behind the party store has great Twice Cooked Pork - get it almost every time I am back
                                        4) I miss Jack's Special Medium Salsa from the grocery stores
                                        5) What happened to Tribue? Did the economy kill them? Did anything else go in there?

                                  2. Sandwich: Ernie's Market in Oak Park. The sandwich alone counts for 10 meals I think.

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                                    1. re: GrueLurks

                                      Maybe not for the sandwich but Ernie's for the show +1!.

                                      1. re: goatgolfer

                                        I'd agree with goatgolfer, here. While I like the sandwich (it's certainly better than Subway or whatever...), it's really more the experience as a whole that makes Ernie's so great. You just *have* to like the guy, or you're in Al Queda or something.

                                        The sandwich is fine for $5, but it's not a Top Ten list candidate, IMHO.

                                        1. re: goatgolfer

                                          I agree with the goat. I ate half the sandwich and gave my other half to a homeless guy. Maybe he liked it more than I did. It was not bad tasting or anything...it just was.

                                            1. re: boagman

                                              Use spell check...what are you, a member of Al-Qaeda? :)

                                              FWIW I am a horrid user of the English language.

                                      2. Round Pizza - Supino at Supino's Detroit
                                        Square Pizza - Peperoni and Mushroom Loui's Hazel Park
                                        Taco's - Taqueria El Michoacano Romeo
                                        Beer - Leinenkugel Fireside Nut Brown (a Pub near you)
                                        Sushi - Take Sushi Rochester
                                        Hot Dog - Lipuma's Rochester
                                        Meal to Celebrate - Chateaubriand at Lelli's Auburn Hills
                                        BBQ- Burnt Ends Lazybones Clinton Twp.
                                        Bar Food and the game - Hamlin Pub Shelby Twp.
                                        Soup and Sandwich Ken's Cozy Cafe Shelby Twp

                                        Ken's Cozy Cafe
                                        50640 Van Dyke Ave, Shelby Township, MI 48317

                                        Hamlin Pub Shelby
                                        48929 Hayes Rd, Shelby Township, MI 48315

                                        2457 Russell St, Detroit, MI 48207

                                        1. GREAT THREAD - NEEDS TO BE REVIVED!!

                                          in no order

                                          1 $3 happy hour burger at Roast - Detroit
                                          2 Arabian pizza at Anita's - Ferndale
                                          3 Bahn Mi at Pho Que Huong - Madison Heights
                                          4 Strozzapreti at Bacco - Southfield
                                          5 Triple Threat at Slow's - Detroit
                                          6 Tacos al pastor at Taqueria Lupita's - Detroit
                                          7 Sashimi at Noble Fish - Clawson
                                          8 Bismarck at Supino's - Detroit
                                          9 HIppo dog at Hippo's - Troy
                                          10 Oro de Calabaza at Jolly Pumpkin in Ann Arbor or at stores all over

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                                          1. re: dwseitz

                                            FYI (as I totally agree with the choice): the Cocktail Hour burger at Roast is now $4, as are the BOTD tacos. Still an absolute bargain, and wonderful.

                                            1. re: dwseitz

                                              FYI (as I totally agree with the choice): the Cocktail Hour burger at Roast is now $4, as are the BOTD tacos. Still an absolute bargain, and wonderful.

                                              1. re: boagman

                                                Hey boagman - I see lots of feedback on other users lists... but where's YOUR list? Very interested to hear.

                                                1. re: dwseitz

                                                  Fair's fair, I'd say dwseitz:

                                                  1. Scotty Simpson's Fish & Chips, their signature dish.
                                                  2. Cafe Cortina, their Annannas Grigliatas (maybe I didn't spell that correctly?) dessert
                                                  3. Pi's Thai Cuisine, their tom yum soup with chicken, and a side of rice
                                                  4. Jeremy Restaurant and Bar, their Filet Mignon sandwich only available at the bar
                                                  5. Loui's Pizza, their signature dish (your personal toppings notwithstanding)
                                                  6. Mudgie's Deli, their soups and side dishes
                                                  7. Giovanni's Ristorante, their pasta especially, but everything's superb
                                                  8. Stage Deli, their corned beef on rye with Russian dressing and coleslaw with new dill
                                                  9. Falaffel King, their chicken shawarma either in entree or sandwich form
                                                  10. Le Petit Prince, their pain au chocolat

                                                  You see, this is what I hate about these lists...ten is never enough! You're right, though...it was time for my *partial* contribution. ;) Thanks for making me step up to the plate.

                                                  Falaffel King
                                                  32748 Woodward Ave, Royal Oak, MI 48073

                                                  Loui's Pizza
                                                  23141 Dequindre Rd, Hazel Park, MI 48030

                                                  Pi's Thai Cuisine
                                                  24940 John R Rd, Hazel Park, MI 48030

                                                  Giovanni's Ristorante
                                                  330 S Oakwood, Detroit, MI 48217

                                                  1300 Porter St, Detroit, MI 48226

                                                  1. re: boagman

                                                    pi's thai is great - my favorite thai in the area. great list - thanks for the contribution!!!

                                                    1. re: boagman

                                                      11. Lelli's in Auburn Hills, their minestrone soup, which is ridiculously good

                                                      I'm just going to keep adding to this as things come to mind!

                                                2. re: dwseitz

                                                  Well since I saw Slows on MVF a few days ago and then you post on here the day before I'm driving through Detroit I figured it was a sign we needed to stop.
                                                  The Triple Threat really is a great sandwich. Good call and thanks


                                                  1. re: Davwud

                                                    There isn't much debate about the food...for the most part, it's quite good. The problem lies with the service and the wait times, which can both be horrible. Glad you liked it.

                                                    1. re: boagman

                                                      Really good service with no wait. I understand it can be next to impossible to get near the place at times though.


                                                      1. re: Davwud

                                                        "Really good service with no wait."

                                                        So you're a politician, now? ;) I can see your lips moving...

                                                        That's...nothing shy of incredible. Maybe, *just maybe*, they're starting to pay attention. One can only hope. Glad it was great for you!

                                                        1. re: boagman

                                                          Perhaps I should be more exact. By "No wait" I meant that we got a table straight away. The service was a bit slow expecially since it's a BBQ joint but all in all, not too bad. Our waiter was excellent. Always seemed to show up at the right time with a refil or to remove plates. Was honest with Mrs. Sippi that while they're very proud of their food it probably wouldn't measure up to her standards. Being from Memphis and all. That said, the Brisket Enchiladas were really good and the sandwich and catfish were excellent. She agreed. We also both loved the sauces.

                                                          Anyway, I'm working on a blog post about it and my feelings on Detroit itself.


                                                          1. re: Davwud

                                                            No, by the standards of Slows wait times and service, you had an incredible time, even with your "exacting". That's really, really good for them on both counts, so it's important that we hear about experiences like this as well. Gotta be even-handed, you know.

                                                            1. re: boagman

                                                              And BTW, the TTP sandwich was knocked out of the park with the mustard sauce.


                                                  2. re: dwseitz

                                                    In no particular order for me, either....

                                                    1. Bell's Oberon beer - summer only, you can get it most anywhere in Michigan but the beer garden at the brewery in Kalamazoo is the best! I've loved it since it was called "Solsun"
                                                    2. Hot & Sour Soup - Kosmo in Ann Arbor
                                                    3. Beef Brisket with Alex's Red Rage BBQ sauce at Zingerman's Roadhouse, Ann Arbor
                                                    4. Smoked Salmon - Durham's Tracklements, Ann Arbor
                                                    5. Baba Ghannouj - Al Ameer, Dearborn
                                                    6. Sushi - O'Sushi - Canton or Dearborn
                                                    7. JP Burger - Jolly Pumpkin, Ann Arbor
                                                    8. Wine & Cheese - Morgan & York, Ann Arbor
                                                    9. Apple Cider - Dexter Cider Mill, Dexter
                                                    10. Coney Island - Parthenon, Dearborn

                                                    1. re: momskitchen

                                                      mmmm, Solsun. While I do enjoy Oberon, I think that Solsun was better. I don't know if the recipe has changed or I just prefer to think of those days more fondly :)

                                                      1. re: Wooderson

                                                        I was definitely younger in my "Solsun" days .....

                                                      2. re: momskitchen

                                                        I've never even heard of Durham's Tracklements - looks great! Will definitely need to make a trip out to their smokery.

                                                        1. re: dwseitz

                                                          OMG....you are in for such a treat. Go to Durhams on a saturday morning if you can. Lots of samples and usually a bloody mary if you ask nicely!

                                                          1. re: Quit2Chef

                                                            possibly next week - really excited its just far.

                                                            where's your list quit2chef?

                                                            1. re: dwseitz

                                                              Here it is! No particular order, and sorry for being late to the party/copycat.

                                                              1. Loui's Pizza - Deep dish (Ham and onion!!)
                                                              2. Supino - Thin crust (Half bismark half smokey with an extra egg)
                                                              3. Scotty Simpsons - Fish and Chips of course! (smelt good too)
                                                              4. Giovannis - whatever pasta they will bring you....amazing
                                                              5. Red Coat - Piedmontese, med-rare, cheddar, grilled onions and zip
                                                              6. Noble Fish - Sashimi
                                                              7. Streetside Seafood - whatever seafood bisque they are making that day
                                                              8. The Lark - tempura battered softshell crabs
                                                              9. The Chop House - Waygu strip w foie gras stuffed morel mushrooms
                                                              10. Roast - Maple bacon ice cream over a cinn/sugar doughnut

                                                        2. re: momskitchen

                                                          This thread was very helpful during a weekend stay in the Detroit area.
                                                          O'Sushi in Canton and Scotty Simpson's fish and chips at Lynn's Cafe in Brighton were both solid. The fish and chips were cooked in shortening, not my favorite frying oil, but were very well prepared. Another place we enjoyed was Buon Gusto in Brighton.

                                                          Buon Gusto
                                                          501 W Main St, Brighton, MI 48116

                                                          1. re: camusman

                                                            Never heard of Buon Gusto - tell me more about it @Camusman,

                                                            1. re: momskitchen

                                                              Moms, it's just a nice little family-run place in downtown Brighton. Probably doesn't belong in this thread, but the proprietress was kind to my 8-year-old, my ribeye was good bang for the buck, and the Italian dishes were solid.

                                                        3. 1 lake perch from "Steve and Rocky's
                                                          2 Sanders Hot Fudge
                                                          3 Duck at Hong Hua in Farmington Hills
                                                          4 Spumoni ice cream at Alinosi's
                                                          5 Pad Thai at Thai Bistro in Canton
                                                          6 Sliders at Hunter House in Birmingham
                                                          7 Epi's or bagette at Avalon Bakery
                                                          8 Corned Beef or pastrami on an Onion Roll at Star in Southfield
                                                          9 Corned Beef or pastrami on rye bread at Breadbasket in Farmington Hills
                                                          10 Dinner at the Rattlesnake with that incredible view...

                                                          and my favorites from the past RIP...Onion soup at Twingos...Chicken pie, Machus salad or cheesecake at Machus in Birmingham...

                                                          4 Replies
                                                          1. re: Tripper

                                                            i love the duck at hong hua!!! great call.

                                                            1. re: Tripper

                                                              Hi Tripper. Where in Farmington Hills is the Breadbasket Deli. The website doesn't show one in Farmington Hills. Thanks.

                                                              1. re: Rheta

                                                                There used to be one on the FH side of the 8 mile/Grand River intersection, but I believe it was torn down a while ago to build a Walgreen's. The BB moved about 3/4 mile east, on 8 mile, between Inkster & Beech.

                                                              2. re: Tripper

                                                                @Tripper I love Sander's Bittersweet Chocolate sauce - thanks for the reminder.

                                                              3. Love this idea.. I'm gonna have to go exploring...

                                                                Here's some of my favorites in no particular order...

                                                                Grilled Chicken Gyro w/ Yogurt dressing (the yogurt dressing is key, this stuff is delicious, the owner sells it for like $4 a container)- Key West Restaurant - Taylor

                                                                Salsa - (Made in store) - Honey Bee Supermarket - SW Detroit

                                                                Chilaquiles (Truly delicious, service is great and chips are fresh)- El Rancho Restaurant - SW Detroit

                                                                Catfish (In party store, yes I know this is strange but it is pretty good catfish!) - Mitch's Party Store - Southgate

                                                                Chunky Beef Burrito - El Rancho Restaurant - SW Detroit

                                                                Pork Tamales - La Gloria Bakery - SW Detroit

                                                                Barbacoa - La Gloria Bakery - SW Detroit

                                                                Poppy Seed Dessert Roll - Bartz Bakery - Dearborn

                                                                2 Replies
                                                                1. re: KathleenT

                                                                  Great list KathleenT - I love La Gloria Bakery!!! Catfish and Poppy Roll just made my shortlist of food to seek out.

                                                                  1. re: KathleenT

                                                                    I had forgotten about the Honey Bee salsa. Thanks for the reminder, Kathleen!

                                                                  2. Great List Try Mine You'll LOVE them ALL

                                                                    REUBEN @ Hygrade Deli Detroit

                                                                    WINGS @ Sweetwater Tavern Detroit

                                                                    Weezie Burger @ Weezie's Dearborn

                                                                    Pozole @ Los Alto's Detroit

                                                                    Double Cheeseburger @ Motz Detroit

                                                                    Pizza Bread Beef Burger @ Vince's Detroit

                                                                    Chicken Breasts @ Pollo Chapin Detroit

                                                                    Sliders @ Green Dot Stables Detroit

                                                                    Breakfast @ Johnny's Ham King Detroit

                                                                    Coney Dogs @ Duly's Detroit