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Oct 21, 2010 03:06 PM

looking for "Po Gok Gai" recipe (葡國雞)

This was a childhood favourite, but not one cooked at home. I'd like to find a good recipe to make for my own children now that doesn't contain evaporated milk if possible (allergies). Thanks in advance for any leads.

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  1. Instead of evaporated milk, I usually use coconut milk, which works fabulously (and might even be the traditional "cream" used, for all I know).

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    1. re: kcchan

      The recipes I've found contain both evap milk and coconut milk. I wonder if it would be OK if I just use more coconut milk, or whether that will be too much coconut flavour. I don't suppose you'd like to share your own recipe?

      1. re: little.tiger

        I usually use coconut milk only, and I haven't noted too pronounced of a coconut flavor. That being said, however, my recipe is far from traditional. It's just what my grandma and mom made for a quick and simple dinner, and it doesn't have anything like the traditional olives, sausage, or coconut flakes, and is certainly not baked. They just brown the potatoes and the chicken, add a can of curry sauce (it's a yellow smallish can, the brand is Yeo's, and I believe it's from Singapore), simmer until chicken is cooked, add the coconut milk and stir, and top with cilantro. Like I said, it's not at all traditional, but it's what I grew up with.

        A quick google search yields the following recipe that doesn't use evap milk:

    2. Some recipes I found without the inclusion of evaporated milk:

      This one has condensed milk ... but you could substitute: