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Oct 21, 2010 02:42 PM

Thanksgiving Turkey (to cook) in Kauai

I'm an SF hound traveling to Kauai with a large group for Thanksgiving. Once we get on island time, we don't tend to venture off the beach too much. As a result, we're not really interested in going out for Thanksgiving dinner, we'd like to cook it at home.

Can anyone recommend a place to buy a locally raised turkey anywhere on Kauai?

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  1. There are no "locally" raised turkeys on Kauai. All birds are brought in from the mainland. You can get a great deal at Safeway, Big Save or Costco.

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      1. re: Kulolo

        Thanks this is helpful, we'll probably be going to Costco anyway. Do we need to preorder one, or will they be available the weekend before Thanksgiving?

        1. re: SFRjC

          They usually have a bunch at Costco, so I wouldn't worry about preordering (if they even do that).