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Oct 21, 2010 02:37 PM


One of the "possibles" on my list for this December is Iris and I'm wondering if any of you can provide feedback on the choice. We go every December and I'm all about the food - with 16 days to play and I'll still have leftovers on my must-do places for next time.

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  1. I haven't eaten dinner there since they moved to the Quarter, but I've eaten several lunches, including one last week. They do an excellent three course lunch for 20 bucks. Overall, it's a good place, especially as far as the Quarter is concerned. IMO, there's only a handful of places worth eating in the Quarter and Iris is one of them.

    1. NOLALVR........Are you going to be in NOLA for 16 days. If so you need to plan an hour or two excercising each day. Iris is outstanding. Go to Galatoire's and Stella also.

      Galatoire's Restaurant
      209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

      1. Check out the Reveillon menus available only during the Christmas season. Reveillon is an old Creole tradition recently revived in New Orleans with help from the French Quarter Festivals organization. Originally, Creole families returned from midnight mass to a celebratory feast at home. Nowadays during regular dinner hours several dozen restaurants offer prix-fixe menus of traditional dishes. You can see the list of restaurants and their menus and prices at Iris is not participating, but Galatoire's - mentioned in a reply above - and many other worthy restaurants are.

        Galatoire's Restaurant
        209 Bourbon St., New Orleans, LA 70130

        1. Iris is first class. Definitely in the top five in the Quarter.

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            Yes it is. Did not mean to slight Iris in my reply above.

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              Thanks all! I hear you about the need to exercise...we try to have a bigger meal earlier in the afternoon and do a ton of walking. I'm really excited about Iris. I bought certificates for Iris and Coquette and thought they looked like 'a cut above' the norm available. I also got Cafe Rani again. We really enjoyed our lunch there last year.

              Cafe Rani
              2917 Magazine St Ste 103, New Orleans, LA 70115

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                Exercise! It's a short cut to the grave! Try to stay seated if not prone as much as possible. Glad to hear you took advantage of Great way to save. And Iris, Coquette and Rani are all good places, each in its own way.