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Oinkster in Eagle Rock

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Was just on citysearch and saw the Oinkster is opening soon in Eagle Rock. Andre Guerrero of Max and Senor Fred is trying his hand at diner comfort fare. Sounds promising. Does anyone have any additional info - when are they opening?

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  1. December at the earliest.

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      You're amazing! Thanks.

    2. If the Coffee Table and Dante's are any indication, it will open approximately one year from when it is announced that it will open shortly.

      1. Ownership hopes to open as soon as this Friday September 29 but more likly the following week.

        1. Oinkster is indeed opening today, the 29th. they had a big tasting last night.

          1. THE OINKSTER IS OPEN.
            Sorry no review fr: me yet. I don't think it's fair to review a brand new restaurant based on exp 10 minutes after they opened. I plead guilty to getting caught up in the lengthy (1 year) hype of anticipation and violated The Fundamental Rule on going to a new eatery- DON'T, for at least a month.

            1. I bought into the hype and went to Oinkster tonight. I will give a review on it with no qualms because Oinkster definitely needs improvement. It does have potential and that's why I will give a review based on an opening day meal. I hope they work things out especially in the portions department.

              I ordered an Oinkster's Pastrami combo that came with a soda and order of Belgian fries. The bill for this combo with tax came out to over $13. For the $13 I paid, I was supremely disappointed.

              I think it needs to be said that the portions at Oinkster are incredibly small. I think you could get more food out of a Happy Meal at McDonald's. I felt like the meal should have cost half the price for the amount of meal I got.

              The Oinkster Pastrami was decent but needs work. It had a nice smokey taste to it but could have been juicier. The roll that the pastrami was on was stale.. tasted like a piece of soggy old garlic bread. The Belgian Fries were decent but could have been much better. The portion of fries I received was tiny. I think there might have been 15 fries total in the regular size basket ($2.50). The consistency of the fries varied greatly from fry to fry because the fry size was inconsistent. Some were crispy/hard like potato chips, some were airy, chewy and soft. The fries also came with a small serving of dipping sauce which was not given to me until I asked for it. I had the chipotle mayo with the fries. Not bad. However, I didn't even have enough fries to finish one small serving of sauce.

              The fountain soda machine dispensed flat soda which is understandable for a restaurant still working out the kinks. I was given lemonade as a concession. The lemonade was very good. Probably the best thing I had at Oinkster tonight.

              I know that Oinkster will improve over time in terms of their food tasting better: juicier pastrami, better bread, and better fry consistency will come as the restaurant serves more customers. However, what remains to be seen is whether they will realize their portions are small and the meal itself is not a good value at all.

              I will go back to Oinkster once I see that they've fixed their kinks and made the meal a better value. For now, I'd honestly rather go get a stomache at Tommy's down the the street for 3 bucks. At least I'd get what I paid for.

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                I must admit, I'm relieved that the portions are small. That way, we can eat all of that yummy, but unhealthy, food without feeling too guilty.

                Thanks for your report. We'll try to check them out this weekend.

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                  sumo10, I agree exactly with you. After about a dozen threads in the past year about "Oinkster is coming!", I couldn't resist stopping by on my way home last night. 5pm Saturday, there was a 15-min line out the door. I wanted to get home, so I ordered to-go. Decor, atmosphere is zero - it looks exactly like the rcycled burger joint it is. They were out of all chicken dishes, they were out of milkshakes. Ordered the pastrami and the Belgian fries with dijon mustard-horseradish sauce. Came to $11, no drink. Waited 10 minutes, took it home. Pastrami and bun were as you described, good but not great, not really an $8.50 pastrami, especially considering it's small size. Smallest 'gourmet' pastrami I've ever had. Considering that when I want to go for pastrami, I usually hit Langers, Canters, even Billy's here in Glendale, Oink really should cut their prices if they expect to compete. And the handful of fries... Since I took them home and reheated them, I don't think it's fair to knock them. But the order was way too small for $2.50, and I'll tell you something that really P 'ed me off. The fries are supposed to "come with ketchup and the sauce of your choice". Got it home, popped the hood, and... nothing. Sandwich, a few fries... no sauce. Not even ketchup. That's irritating and unforgiveable. I'm going to wait a couple weeks, then go back for a burger and a milkshake. I hope to see some improvement.
                  Earlier in the day, for lunch I ate at a place I very rarely have burgers - McDonalds. I love the breakfasts there, but haven't had a burger in a couple years. But it was just too late for b'fast there, so what the heck. Had a Quarter Pounder with Cheese, fries, and coffee. And I was surprised - it was pretty damn good. Good burger, great fries, fine coffee. Overall, a much more satisfying experience than Oinky. Even the ambiance was nice, with music and paintings on the walls. Oinkster's got a long way to go if they can't compete with a five-dollar meal from McDonald's. Until then, like you, I'll stick with the Tommy's on the next block.

                2. Excellent hamburger and coconut cupcake last night!!!

                  1. Just tried Oinkster tonight and it was better and more expensive than I expected.
                    We had the pastrami combo (sandwich, fries & drink), pulled pork sandwich, hamburger and large order of Belgian fries= $28 including tax !!!
                    Everything was well prepared. Excellent juicy tasting 1/3 lb. hamburger.


                    1. Just shared a pastrami sandwich and the pulled pork sandwich. The pulled pork was tasty and the pastrami was not. Neither were a good value. We also had an order of fries very small portions. we'll try again down the road.

                      1. OK, so we tried Oinkster this afternoon for lunch with low expectations (based on reports from yesterday) and have to say we left full and happy.

                        No line when we walked in at 1pm, ordered a burger and fries to share with garlic aioli for the fries. Service was calm and efficient and our order came out in about 5 minutes. Coke was properly carbonated! The burger was excellent, hand-formed and juicy. Bun was soft and perfect. Fries could have been a little crispier but they were just fine, especially with the house-made ketchup and aioli. The size of the burger was just fine for us to split, but we prefer smaller portions (so we can pig out on Oinkster-type fare).

                        Can't wait to go back - I think we're going to go with the pulled pork sandwich next time. Don't wait a month, it's great now!

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                          Just visited yesterday for the first time and had an amazing time. This place ROCKS! They serve Fat Tire Amber Ale, for Hops sakes! And the pastrami sandwich and pulled pork sandwich, not to mention the fries and cole slaw, were awesome.