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Oct 21, 2010 02:30 PM

KFC Double Down (moved from Ontario board)

Has anyone tried it yet?
Is anyone going to try it?

I was going to try it, but a friend at work says don't bother.
He says it's way to salty, and not that great.

I asked if he tried the fried or grilled double down, and he says he was never given a choice.
If I have a choice, I would try the grill, and would not have the bacon strips.

Price is $6.99 plus taxes.

I haven't eaten fried chicken for many years, whether it be KFC, Mary Brown's or Popeye's, so I'm not going to try the Double Down.

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  1. I actually just ate one, it's pretty bad. I didn't find it that salty but I guess I'm just kinda used to all fast food being loaded with sodium. It was pretty dry though not having any kind of sauce. It's not worth the money at all.

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    1. re: fatguy16

      i agree with fatguy16 - not too salty, but the meat is dry, more so than KFC's typical fried chicken breast. There is special sauce somewhere in the sandwich and bacon too. But the dry chicken breast dominates the cheese, bacon and special sauce.

      Verdict: Don't bother - go to Stockyards or The Burger's Priest - though maybe if you stick a double-double between the two chicken breasts, it might save the sandwich. Just have a defibrillator on hand.

    2. probably not - it's too much meat for me. one of the big draws to any sandwich (in my opinion) is the bread. i can't imagine i would enjoy a sandwich without bread!

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      1. re: perogy

        a West Coast opinion here, i had it yesterday, abslutely fxxkxxg awful

        1. re: perogy

          That is true, for me it felt like a boneless 2 piece meal with some spicy cheese, bacon and spicy Mayo. The mayo and cheese ruined the taste of the patties and I need a drink to get the spiciness of the chicken