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I Need a Cachapa

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So I am wondering if anyone has had any luck finding a cachapa in Philadelphia? It's Venezuelan and it's amazing. It's like a sweet/savory corn-omelet filled with cheese and...depending on your tastes, meat/veggies. I checked out Sazon's (10th and Spring Garden) menu and they have arepas, but not cachapas. I should probably call over there to see if they do cachapas...but in the meantime, is there any other hope for me finding them in Philly? Thanks!

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  1. Wow that sounds great. I'm not aware of any other Venezuelan places other than Sazon. I'd call them and see if they would make some for you.

    1. i would have said maybe azafran, but they have been closed for a while now. maybe mixto? i didn't see it on their menu, but you never know.