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Oct 21, 2010 12:06 PM

Best Korean Bakery is WHERE???

i am in search of the best Korean Bakery in the bay area.

I'm currently watching the korean drama "king of baking" and am totally needing to satisfy my craving for great korean bread...

please tell me where the best ones are at. one of my friends suggested me going to sunnyvale for korean bakeries...and please also include what i should order as i am a total newbie to korean breads...thanks!!

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  1. There's a bakery section at Koreana Plaza, but I've never bought any of that stuff.

    Google Maps finds two in Santa Clara, Paris Baguette and Baker's Village.

    Koreana Plaza
    2328 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA

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    1. re: Robert Lauriston

      Here's my ancient post on Baker's Village.

      A couple more: Green Bakery and Jin's Bakery, both in Santa Clara.

      Baker's Village
      1484 Halford Ave, Santa Clara, CA 95051

    2. Don't have specific bakeries to recommend, though I'm sure the Peninsula/South Bay are your best bets. The baked goods at Koreana Plaza and at Kukje in Daly City are sub-par.

      But my favorite Korean pastry is shaped like a swirly cone, or shell, as it is called "shell bread" in Korean. It's filled with a chocolate cream - can be more chocolatey or more creamy, depending on where you get it.

      Many people also like the pastries filled with red-bean paste - there are many shapes and sizes of these - ask for something with "ppat."

      Koreana Plaza
      2328 Telegraph Ave, Oakland, CA