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Oct 21, 2010 11:38 AM

10/22 Tampa Chowhounders Roll Out! Meetup Time with Tampa Yelp @ Pupuseria CentroAmericana

Hello Tampa Chowhounders,

A few Tampa Yelpers and I are going to grab lunch Friday afternoon for an unofficial yelp meetup and I thought it'd be great to invite out Tampa Chowhounders as well since we're all food lovers. Pupuseria CentroAmericana serves Central American food including the popular dish pupusas. They have great lunch specials that are only about $6.

Date: Friday October 22, 2010
Time: 12PM-2PM
Place: Pupuseria CentroAmericana
Address: 2504 W Martin Luther King Blvd Tampa, FL 33607 (Blue & White Building)
Chowhound topic: http://chowhound.chow.com/topics/726302
Yelp Page: http://www.yelp.com/biz/pupuseria-and...
Menu: http://pupuseriacentroamericana.com/i...
Carlos Eats review: http://carloseats.com/2010/08/09/pupu...

Please let me know if you can join and if you have any questions.

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  1. I'll come join if I can! If I can't, one word of advice, skip the Pupusa Loca, that thing was a greasy mess. Also the tamales were really tasty if I recall correctly.

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    1. re: askdrtodd

      It's tough for me to get away during the day, but I strongly support efforts at trying to unify our local online food communities. If I can make it, I will.

      1. re: CFishman

        Hope you can make it please contact me if you have questions tomorrow 813-325-4617

      2. re: askdrtodd

        Thanks for the tips and hope you can join! :)

        1. re: laboheme

          "Looking forward to it!" ----Laboheme...

          Famous last words... LOL...

          I feel like a parent deciding to let their child learn something the hard way...

          Blitz, I totally appreciate the friendly invite, but I was there twice before and I wasn't crazy about it...

          Still, I hope y'all have a great time and think I'm crazy!

        2. I'll be wearing white shorts and a blue express shirt if you're coming out today.

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          1. re: blitzchamp

            How was it? I had every intention of coming but work was crazy today and I didn't even get to take a lunch :(

            1. re: askdrtodd

              Not that anyone cares, but my wife dragged me to Mi Pueblo for a late breakfast. I failed to control myself and my breakfast of Oxtails, Morcilla, Mofongo, Chicharon, and Rice and Beans ruined me for lunch and it appears dinner as well. Blitzchamp, I hope you will continue your efforts of uniting our online food communities. We are too small in number not to be working in unison.

              1. re: CFishman

                CF, I care.... A lot!

                I KEEP forgetting about Mi Pueblo!!

                I Googled it about a week ago and familiarized myself with where it is preparing to hit it ASAP, but I forgot again...
                I want ALLL that stuff you mentioned!

                I'll try like hell to go this next week...

              2. re: askdrtodd

                It didn't materialize unfortunately because the pupuseria closed unexpectedly (they are normally open on Fridays and I called to check earlier in the week)...so the people who did contact me with the number I provided and I re-located to the West Tampa Sandwich Shop which was actually not a bad tradeoff at all.

                West Tampa Sandwich Shop
                3904 N Armenia Ave, Tampa, FL 33607

                1. re: blitzchamp


                  I love Mi Pueblo. The only problem is that it is right around the corner from Acapulco, so you have to be willing to tolerate the possible regret. I am always torn between the items on the steam table and the jibarito. If you get the jibarito, make sure to ask for a little extra ajo. That's how they serve it in Chicago and, frankly, what doesn't garlic make better?

                  Mi Pueblo
                  530 US Highway 41 Byp S, Venice, FL 34285

                  1. re: CFishman

                    I love Acupulco too, it's right by my office, gotta say the tripa is heads and shoulders (and intestines hehe) better at taqueria monterrey tho...

                    That said, I've never had the pleasure of nom-ing on a Jibarito, CF do you think Mi Pueblo is the best place to cut my teeth on one?

                    1. re: askdrtodd

                      Todd, from his past posts, it seems we need to hit this place...
                      Like a freed Chilean coal miner!

                      1. re: Mild Bill

                        Have they left the whorehouse allready? I'm heading to Rosie's Clam Shack in Pinellas Park for some Ipswich whole bellies in 5 minutes.

                        Rosie's Clam Shack
                        6657 49th St, Pinellas Park, FL 33781

                          1. re: askdrtodd

                            The Chilean miners. Clams and shoestring onions at Rosie's were sassifying.

                              1. re: askdrtodd

                                Veggo, I was hoping you might come back more enthused than sassifying. I am thinking that is not enough to get me to Pinellas Park or wherever this is anytime soon.

                                1. re: CFishman

                                  I admit the clams were not as plump as the last time, but I don't fault Rosie for that, just the luck of the draw. It seemed that everyone around me was bibbed up and feasting on lobsters and I was out-ordered. Rosie specializes in New England seafood, including New Bedford scallops, and she even sources her split-top buns for her lobster rolls from Boston because nobody bakes them here. I'm a transplanted yankee and the place has a certain charm. And maybe I have too much time on my hands.
                                  Sorry for wasting anyone's reading time in the Tampa fraternity, I will assuredly step aside.

                                  1. re: Veggo

                                    I want to go to Pinellas Park now!

                                    1. re: rhnault

                                      Yeah, that was enough for me too. Thanks Veggo for filling in the details.

                                      1. re: rhnault

                                        lol. I never "want" to go to Pinellas Park, but I do want to check out Rosie's, that's for sure!

                          2. re: Mild Bill

                            Bill- Yes suh. You name the day, let's lunch it up.

                            (haha "freed chilean coal miner")

                            1. re: askdrtodd


                              I really do think we need to do an Acapulco/Monterrey taste off. I am amused that we both feel so adamantly about our respective tripas. Maybe Bill, pursuer of peace-lover of peace, was right that it just matters who is cooking on a given day. I don't know but my money is on Acapulco.

                              1. re: CFishman

                                I am more than happy to give it a 7th chance, but man, I gotta be honest I've been to each of those two restaurants about half a dozen times a piece, and I oddly crave the one that's substantially less accessible? Perhaps that adds to its allure? The comparable pricing between the two, the excellent quality meat, and the truly amazing salsa/toppings bar at Monterrey really have me pretty sold on them.

                                Speaking of a long drive that's more than worth it, had the pistachio/rosemary/onion pie at Wood Fired tonight. I haven't ever seen any other pizza monger in the bay area that puts more love into his pies than that man (Peter). I asked him how often he gets some time to himself and he replied (without disdain or regret I might add) that he'd had "three half-days in the past year", and then immediately returned his attention and gaze to the pie in his custom, personally designed, hand-built oven. Damn. That guy is something. Funny/interesting too, we started a conversation because I overheard him talking about Kevin & Pane Rustica's pizza dough recipe & the yeast strain they use, and by the end of it we were talking chemistry, convection, and how we both think Bill is awesome. Peter's a good dude, I can't wait to go back there.

                                1. re: askdrtodd

                                  I am not knocking Monterrey. I like Monterrey quite a bit, so much so that whenever I need a quick bite before or after work it is always there. I am stuck on their tortas. I get one every time. I have only had one or two conversations with Peter but I share your sentiment. I knew right away that he and I had some common personality traits; what other people might call idiosyncrasies or pathologies. It reminds me of a long lost lyric: "Anyone who sweats like that must be alright." You've got to admire the attention to detail and the fortitude. The only thing I don't understand is the freakin' location. I bet that in Seminole Heights or South Tampa people would be out the door like at Pizzeria Bianco (his buddy apparently).

                                  1. re: CFishman

                                    true, a number of people in the restaurant when we were there were actually from south Tampa which I thought was another testament to his love for his product.

                                    1. re: CFishman

                                      Peter's location makes perfect sense based on the money he had for startup. He told me the same type of place in soho would have cost $2 million to build out. His present location cost a fraction of that. He could have set up shop in soho, had a mediocre business year, and be gone already due to high rent. I thank our lucky stars he opened where he did! besides, there's parking and is close enough to my work for weekly lunches there.

                                      I am amazed the St. Pete Times has not written a review.

                                      1. re: andy huse

                                        Lucky! I am more than happy to drive for good food, but unfortunately it's pretty difficult to make it out past USF on my lunch break (even Jai Ho is pushing it). At least he's reasonably close to the highway.

                                        1. re: askdrtodd

                                          I am sure Peter had very good reasons for opening where he did. Perhaps it is just the times that I have been there, but it does not seem that he is doing bustling business up in New Tampa. I would say that on each of the times I have been to Wood Fire there have been an average of 3 other tables. I don't mind the drive, but I would mind his going out of business due to lack of support.

                          3. re: CFishman

                            CF / Anyone else that wants to join- Bill and I are going to hit Mi Pueblo on Wednesday for lunch @ 11:30

                            Mi Pueblo
                            530 US Highway 41 Byp S, Venice, FL 34285

                            1. re: askdrtodd

                              I am going to do my best to meet you guys. Car is all mine this week.