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Oct 21, 2010 11:30 AM

Two Yankees Reporting back...

First of all thanks to all who gave recommendations of where to eat! Since we were being hosted by family we didn't have as much control over where we ate, and missed out on a lot of recs, but here's our report...

Lunch at Ojeda's... I had a very tasty chicken enchilada and beef taco. DC enjoyed his tacos 3 ways immensely. Based on the few bites I snagged, the brisket taco was a big hit. Served with roasted onions and pepper strips. Also enjoyed the salsa in a jug, very flavorful. Queso was extremely weak, almost watery, and the chili reneno (sp?) on my combo platter was way over breaded and heavy, not good at all. Terrible margarita. 50/50 here.

Lunch at Taco Diner: I though this was very good for a chain food, we had the spicy version of the fish tacos and more brisket tacos. We would be quite happy if this chain would come north! Also liked their 2 salsas and guac. 2 thumbs up.

Beers at the Ginger Man: we much preferred the down town location to the plano strip mall location. The old house was quite charming, and man what a draft lineup!

We struck out at the farmer's was a monday so both Paul's Roasted Corn and Pecan Lodge were closed. :(

El Paisa Taqueria on Harry Hines. Total Dive and our favorite stop of the whole trip! 3 pastor, carnitas and chicharrons. I was no go with the texture of the chicarrons, but DC said they were fabulous. Pastor and carnitas, so tender and flavorful and the salsa bar had some excellent options. Also got my elote, which I had missed out on at the farmer's market; it was oozing with butter and mayo, super sweet and had a nice kick from the hot sauce they passed us in a plastic bottle. 5 star dive bar!!!

Tacos Toluca on Harry Hines was our last stop on the way back to the airport. After El Paisa, it was a bit of a let down, but we still mowed down a couple of al pastors, carnitas and one last brisket taco....Now if we just need to introduce the brisket taco to the north east!!

El Paisa
10091 Harry Hines Blvd, Dallas, TX 75220

Taco Diner
432 Grand Ave, Southlake, TX 76092

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  1. I'm glad it all worked out.

    It sounds like you got your fill of Mexican food!!

    Thanks for reporting back, it helps all of us.

          1. re: RobbnTX

            no one from chowhound sent us there, we were taken there by the family. it was a mixed bag, but we enjoyed most of it.

        1. So did you order any Horchata to drink while you where at the taco joints? My nephew loves to try and order it at "Mexican" places in and around Boston. They look at him like a space alien. On the other hand you just can't get fried ravioli in DFW so it all balances out.

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          1. re: irodguy

            actually you can find horchata at some places up here, including a taqueria in a gas station

            1. re: Wannabfoode

              Really? Can you give me the name and location? I will send it to my nephew.

              1. re: irodguy

                La Verdad Taqueria (the takeout, not the restaurant) in Fenway definitely carries it.
                Villa Mexico in the gas station near MGH on Cambridge Street
                and El Pelon (Comm Ave, I believe) maybe Angela's Cafe in East Boston's Eagle Hill neighborhood

          2. It's too bad you missed out on Pecan Lodge. Excellent BBQ within close proximity of Dallas. I'll give them the nod for brisket, but I still prefer the ribs at Meshack's.

            1. Just happy you enjoyed yourselves!