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Oct 21, 2010 11:26 AM

Half Moon Bay/Pescadero Breakfast choices

Aside from the Ritz any other recommended breakfast spots. Mom and Pop type is fine too....

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  1. Chez Shea in Half Moon Bay is good. It's like a typical small, slightly eclectic, neighborhood breakfast/brunch place in SF.

    There's also Duarte's...although I've only had breakfast there once and I don't remember it...i.e., traditional full breakfast but wasn't memorable...or I didn't know what to order.

    Chez Shea
    408 Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

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    1. re: ML8000

      I think Chez Shea is great, but they do not open until Lunch at 11:30 during the week and 10am on Saturday and Sunday.

      Ketch Joanne in Princeton Harbor is open early (6:30am, except closed Tuesday)

      Chez Shea
      408 Main St, Half Moon Bay, CA 94019

    2. There is a decent breakfast joint at the airport called the 3 zero cafe. I had several meals there and I like the vibe. Not extraordinary but a nice loc. and right on route 1.

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      1. re: Andrew H

        I know you said "aside from the Ritz", but I have to say the Ritz HMB served one of my most memorable breakfasts ever. I was working at a conference there (and staying the night), and had been given a chit for breakfast at the restaurant. Ordered Eggs Benedict and French press coffee, and it was extraordinary, with a stunning view of the crashing surf. I saw the bill, and was glad I didn't have to pay -- $30+ is a bit more than I'm accustomed to paying for breakfast. The quality sure was there though.

        1. re: Steve Green

          I love the Ritz. On the particular weekend I had the two tots in tow and was looking for some kid-friendly and "cheap" options. I save the Ritz for more romantic occasions. Love the coffee.