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Oct 21, 2010 11:06 AM

Anyone know of a place to teach kids cooking/nutrition classes?

My apologies, this is not restaurant related. I am a chef and I have teamed up w/ a nutritionist to teach healthy cooking classes for kids. We are currently at the Good Earth Day School in Leander, but can only teach there on Saturdays. We are wanting to start an after school program, but we need another school/kitchen, and hopefully a cheap one. We are trying to keep our class cost low, because we want to make it accessible to most families. Any ideas?

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  1. you should talk to folks at Capital Area Food Bank. I know they do cooking classes/demos in low-income neighborhoods. Some of those classes include kids. Maybe you guys can work together and come up with an awesome variation of that program. I've been trying to volunteer for prep work, but the hours of the classes don't work for me. I would totally volunteer for something in the evening..

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      I love the idea! What a way to really do some good. I will check with them for sure. Thanks!

    2. Sustainable Food Center has cooking classes through their Happy Kitchen program and Sprouting Healthy Kids program.

      The Happy Kitchen

      Sprouting Healthy Kids

      1. AISD offers Prime Time classes at some schools. Often teachers and staff teach them but sometimes they bring in outside teachers (ex. dance, nature, cultural classes). That may be a good way to get started. Check with AISD for more info. Good luck!

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          We were wondering about the school districts. We are in the Leander district, but Austin is an option, too. I didn't know if you had to be a certified teacher to teach activities. My partner, the nutritionist, is a teacher. She has her master's in teaching. I am just a chef...
          We will look into this, definitely!

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            just recently saw an email from the district regarding after school programs. might be worth checking out.