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Oct 21, 2010 10:29 AM

Largest wine store in the area

What are the very largest wine stores in the Baltimore/DC area?

I'm based in Baltimore but travel regularly to DC. We're working our way through Andrea Robinson's "Great Wine Made Simple" - which is a great "learning about wine" book with a lot of tastings. I'm noticing that even at the very largest wine stores I know, while it's easy to find particular California Merlots, Chardonnays and Cabernets, it is usually impossible to find, let's say, a particular Sancerre or Chassagne-Montrachet or California Syrah or Kabinett Riesling - all of which are typical requests from this book.

As the wines get more obscure, it'd be nice to have an *absolutely huge* wine store where I could find more of them and have to order less. Failing that, one that carried a lot of non-US wines would be nice. Doesn't have to be that close by as we can drive somewhere once a month. Thanks!

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    1. Corridor, in Laurel, is probably one of the biggest. Not too far from Baltimore too.

      1. I would check out Beltway Fine Wine on Loch Raven Blvd just inside 695. They have a huge selection and always have great specials available.

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          that was the link I posted above

        2. The key is not driving all over DMV for a single wine. This is best saved for collectors, special occasions, quirky, etc. The best option is finding a knowledgeable staff that can steer you to something similar. If you feel you must have the exact producer and individual wine from the book you can simply ask any store to order you as little or as much as you like. Every store in MD has access to the same wines. Granted the better ones may get the pick of the litter, everyone deals with the same distributors. They just have to ask.

          1. You will more than happy at Weygandt Wines. Probably one of the best wine stores in the US.


            For an outstanding selection of mature wines, including a just tremendous Burgundy stock, try MacArthur Beverages, also in DC.

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              I love Weygandt but its selection is very limited as it is th wines of one, albeit outstanding, importer. No US wines to speak of and very mlimited Italy, no South African or Aussie etc. Still if you want stunningly good Alsace, Southern French and Burgundy, they are superb.

              One issue with MacArthur's is that a lot of their best stuff is in their warehouse and not at the store. So go on line, search for what you want and then call them to make sure it is in house. They do not raise the prices on older wines so often a wine that is 5 years old from a great vintage is far less than the same wine for the current vintage.

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                So is MacArthur the best store for Burgundies in the DC area? Or are there other contenders?

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                  As far as I've seen, I'd give the nod to MacArthur for Burgs. If you are serious, do as Fudizgud stated and go to the website. I print out the complete inventories for the vintages I'm interested in, and then research them first. Oddly, I've yet to find one that was not in the store. Many are in the back, not on display, but I leave with them. The fact you can just walk in and pick up a great, mature Burgundy anytime blows my mind. That is not the case in most wine stores.

                  Weygandts also has an outstanding selection of Burgundys from highly regarded, small producers. They are just not mature yet, and my ability to be patient enough to wait is in serious doubt -). To spend the prices Burgundy commands, and then open it before it's mature is a true sin in my opinion.

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                    Yeah, MacArthur's inventory looks great, thanks for the tip.