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Oct 21, 2010 10:12 AM


Hi all, will be staying at Hotel Del Mar in Vina Del Mar. We will not have a car and will be attending a trade show in Valpo during the day and back to Vina at night.

Any recs for restaurants in both areas are greatly appreciated. We enjoy the local places, hole in the walls, farmer's markets, as well as not to be missed grand dining. Arriving on a Monday morning and leaving on a Saturday night from Santiago. We may not have much time in Santiago, but if there is something worth making the effort, bring it on!

Also, would love to visit the wine country, so any suggestions for wineries and/or restaurants in the Casablanca Valley area (think that is the closest) or a guided tour is welcome.


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  1. whatever you do, stay away from the Tierra Del Fuego restaurant in Vina - It looks so nice from the outside, but the food is awful

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    1. re: tom borland

      thnx. TDF has not come up in any research I'm doing.

      so far in Valpo, I have:
      Don Vittorio, Le Filou de Montpellier, Cafe Turri, Bar La Playa

      in Vina:
      Entre Masas, Enjoy del Mar, La Delicias del Mar, Savinya, Armandita, San Marcos, Shitake

      Wineries on the Saturday back to SCL:
      Matetic Vineyards and La Casona restaurant
      Veramonte wine tour and tasting
      Casas de Bosque and Tanino restaurant

      nothing is set and I'm still open for suggestions.

    2. just checking to see if there any recs out there. thnx!

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        Hi edible complex,
        When will you be in Valpo & Santiago? I will be there in December. I'm looking for the same info you are looking for. Would you mind posting your experiences after your time in Chile? And if you've come across any suggestions in the other research you've been doing, can you post that? Thanks!

        1. re: snow8150

          I will be there late Nov/early Dec and will definitely post my experiences. I've searched just about every travel blog, travel and food websites, Chile blogs, etc.
          what I've posted so far is narrowed down from recs from Frommer's, Fodor's, Lonely Planet, Travel and Leisure, Conde Nast Traveler, Anthony Bourdain and Samantha Brown. I'm surprised that I have not received any positive replies and suggestions here. hope that will change. cheers!

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            hey snow8150,
            just returned and had an amazing food and drink experience.
            upon arrival in Vina, we ate lunch at La Barquera in the Hotel del Mar for machas parmesean, empanadas, salmon carpacicio and pisco sours. later that day, we went to Enjoy del Mar (on the waterfront) for ceviche (3 kinds), machas parmesean, a mixed (warm) seafood platter, and happy hour pisco sours and local beers.

            for dinners in Vina, we went to Las Delicias del Mar for apps of abalone and king crab, and entrees of butterfish and sea bass. both fish dishes were served with mixed seafood. they do try to upsell a bit here, so stick to what you want to order. having said that, the recs from the waiter were stellar.

            we also went to Armadita Steakhouse with apps of beef carpaccio and machas parmesean. we shared an avocado and tomato salad, papas fritas and their chateaubriand. the flet was about 2 lbs and was brought out cooked but on a tableside grill to keep warm or to further cook if needed. they are very accommodating if you want to deviate a bit from their menu.

            another Vina dinner was at Entre Masas for various empanadas and a huge chicken and avocado salad. not on the menu, but they will make terremoto (white wine and pineapple sorbet) for us. again, very nice friendly service and great food.

            in Valpo one day. we started lunch at Sibaritcio for the hot dog completa. it's huge and topped w/mayo and avocado and is best shared. we then had a late snack at La Concepcion of ostrich carpaccio and tres ceviches. great view and beautiful gardens, and would love to have been able to return for dinner. for happy hour, we landed at Bar La Playa for pisco sours, which were the best of all the places we tried them. we also had a pitcher of their fermented white wine w/pineapple and also tasted what a local was drinking...fanta and heineken...surprisingly good and would work great as a beach drink. we later landed at Neptuno Bar for some local beersa dn to take in their cast of characters.

            I walked past Le Filou de Montpellier, and their menu looked fantastic. just wish we had more time to try it. our driver recommended Cinzano, but again dd not have time. it is located on Plaza Anibal Pinto.

            I did a half day tour of Valpo, which included a visit to Pablo Neruda's La Sebastiana and a guided walk of Concepcion Hill. I stopped in Cafe con Letras for just a coffee, but their lunch menu looked inviting as well.

            on the way back to Santiago airport, we had our driver stop at three wineries. the cost of the transfer from SCL to Hotel del Mar in vina was $160 for 2 ppl. so we asked our local driver what he would charge, and he said $100 to the airport with another $30 to stop along the way. we ended up giving him $160, as we spent about 6 hrs in the Casablanca Valley...well worth it!
            we started with a tasting of 4 wines at Casas del Bosques, which was incredibly beautiful with generous pours. then we went to Veramonte for a tasting of 3 wines. both wineries also offer tours if you have time. Casas del Bosque has Tanino restaurant, but we opted for the degustation menu at Vino Indomita. Indomita served up a 6 course tasting menu w/accompanying wines, again w/generous pours. a terrific value about $60pp for food and wine.

            note, in Valpo. I wanted to eat at Mercado Puerto 2 Don Vittorio, but the building was closed due to earthquake damage. in Vina, we walked down Av. Valparaiso after dinners and stopped in the pastry shops for desserts.

            hope this helps w/your plans. we did not have a bad meal or experience anywhere. I didn't report on any breakfasts, as it was included daily at Hotel del Mar. considering we were working a trade show, we managed to pack a lot in during the evenings. we also found a great wine shop in Vina on Av. San Martin and bought some terrific sparklings and wines for sunsets and the carriage ride. I know it's touristy, but it was great fun.