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Oct 21, 2010 10:03 AM

Chip Butties, Anyone?

A new British spot called Limey's Pub has opened in Framingham, and they are serving chip butties, which are basically French fry sandwiches. Anyone try the place yet? I'm always up for disgustingly unhealthy dishes, so I may have to head out there one of these days.

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  1. They shouldn't be french fry sandwiches exactly. Something more like a real chip butty would use a thicker cut fried potato, for example what seem to be called steak fries over here.

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      I'm not sure what type of fries they use for it. I've heard of them being done using both types. For what it's worth, this Virgin Media page shows it as using regular fries.


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        At home, anything goes. At a place with any sense of tradition, no "regular fries" but rather hand-cut or at least thick-cut frozen ones.

    2. If they use handcut fries and are willing to toss a couple eggs into the deep fryer and serve it with a side of Campbell's baked beans, I'm so there. ;-)

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        They do use handcut fries. Not sure about the eggs and beans. :-b

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          Heinz vegetarian baked beans. Baked Beans on toast, man. yeah.

          1. Oh man...I've had chip butties in the UK and in NYC (Chip Shop and A Salt and Battery). Yum. In the same vein, a lot of gyros we had in Greece had fries stuffed into them. The veggie gyros always had fries subbed in for the lack of protein. Double yum.

            1. The bygone and not-much-lamented The Battery in Brighton did chip butties with a decent roll and their not-very-good chips, which were round, thin, and fried in oil that wasn't quite hot enough, or in oversized batches, resulting in a limp, greasy chip.

              I know some people thought those chips were authentic, but they didn't impress my buddy from Loughrea, and he never has a bad word to say about any kind of food, especially when someone else is paying.

              In any event, fried potatoes aren't my favorite thing to eat between bread. Were I to eat a chip butty, I think I would prefer the fried potatoes crisp on the outside. What else goes on the roll, like ketchup or aioli, would probably be pretty important, too.