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Oct 21, 2010 09:31 AM

Cheap Eats near the Salton Sea (Palm Springs to El Centro)

I'll be driving from LA to the Salton Sea in mid-December, and then camping/driving around there for about a week. I'm looking for delicious, inexpensive food in the surrounding areas, from Palm Springs to El Centro. Especially interested in tacos, birria, date shakes, any chinese... or, anything that might be tough to find on the East Coast.

I know some of these topics have been covered in other chowhound posts, but most are not up-to-date, so would love some current recommendations. Thanks!

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  1. Try a fish taco at Fisherman's Market in Palm Springs (there are a couple of other locations). Make sure you get the Baja style, which are fried. Good stuff!

    1. So many ..... In PS -- JJ's Latino - Tyler's Burgers - Shanghai Red's Oyster Bar - Amigo Room (at the Ace Hotel) - Thai Smile - Peabody's - Guacamole's.... Because you're camping, don't forget about the Farmers Market on Saturday mornings (Camelot Theatre parking lot) all kinds of fresh produce/cheese/dates etc.

      Tyler's Burgers
      149 S Indian Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

      Thai Smile
      651 N Palm Canyon Dr, Palm Springs, CA 92262

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      1. re: Maggie19

        Thanks! The farmer's market is an awesome suggestion.

        Any recs for places South of Palm Springs?

        1. re: corinnerose

          It's been almost three years, but here's a thread that I posted to on the two places I found in Indio..

          I recall Jackalope Ranch getting some mention, but haven't been.

          Jackalope Ranch Restaurant
          80400 Us Highway 111, Indio, CA

          1. re: PolarBear

            Oh, thanks! I hadn't seen that thread and there are some good suggestions there. Have you been back to RIncon Norteno or El Campanario since then?

            El Campanario Restaurant
            44185 Monroe St, Indio, CA 92201

            1. re: corinnerose

              Unfortunately no, but both are on my travel list for future visits. Please report back if you try either one.