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Oct 21, 2010 08:56 AM

A nice "home cookin" type restaurant in Vancouver with party room?

So I'm looking for a "comfort food" type place that has a private room in Vancouver or the surrounding tri-cities area. By comfort food I mean burgers, wings, that sort of thing. There's going to be about 30 of us after a special engagment and we just wanna get down and dirty with some good ol' food. Any ideas that don't include the "comfort" type food are appreciated too. Keeping my options open at this point. Tia!

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  1. The only thing popping up in my head is The Alibi Room which has a section downstairs that you can reserve for large parties. (They have burgers, they have wings, they have great craft beer on tap.)

    Alibi Room
    157 Alexander St, Vancouver, BC V6A1B8, CA

    1. Another option might be to think about smaller restaurants or pubs where you could rent out the whole place for a night. This is can be quite cost effective. Unfortunately I'm not too familiar with downtown pubby/comfort food these days (kids, waistlines etc). The row along South Main Street might have possibilities, such as Lattitude, Burgoo, or one of the diners. I don't know if they'll do it but they might be roughly the right size.

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        Another one - Chambar rents out the Medina space next door for private events.

      2. Try The Tipper Restaurant and Review Room. They have a private back room which can be used for those exact functions and events and can seat/serve 40 people.

        1. Ask The Mountain Shadow Pub (Hastings @ Fell in Bby) if they have a separate room:

          Steamworks in Gastown definitely has a separate large room (street level, beside main entrance) you can reserve. I know cuz I've been to a wedding reception there:

          Another possibility is the French Quarter Pub in Coquitlam, at the intersection of Lougheed & Brunette.

          1. We did our "Christmas" dinner at La Regalade in North Vancouver. We has 26 people and were comfortable. They served everything up family style in casseroles. Food and service was good but oh so rich. Their mashed potatoes were similar to the best mash I've had at Robouchon's in LV.

            La Regalade Restaurant
            2232 Marine Dr, West Vancouver, BC V7V1K4, CA