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Oct 21, 2010 07:50 AM

"Christmassy" Bar/ Restaurant in London

Just wondered if you could recommend a Bar or Restaurant (or both!) in London that does over the top "Christmassy" decorations in December time - fairy lights, christmas trees etc..!!

For example - if I was to swap a recommendation in Edinburgh a really "Christmassy" Bar/ Restaurant would be the Dome on George St - wreaths, trees and loads of lights!


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  1. possibly wintry rather than christmassy, but the Swiss Chalet at the swissotel looks quite fun.

    1. Try Rules or some of the high-end hotels, like Claridges.

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      1. There will be a very kitschy winter wonderland in Hyde Park which has a bar -- its very awful but i sorta love it.

        1. A friend recommended we go the Brown's Hotel for a late afternoon high tea during Christmas time. According to what was reported to me, The Brown's does a special tea menu during Christmas and the experience includes a pianist playing Christmas themed tunes and the hotel decorated in upscale Christmas decorations. The website appears to reflect her experience, so we plan to go this Christmas season.