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Oct 21, 2010 07:43 AM

Thoughts? Back in business: The Inn at Towamencin opens new lounge, bistro

After four months of renovations, the Inn at Towamencin has opened its two new amenities: Zinc and 1750 Bistro.


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  1. I've lived in the area for 20 years and never heard of it. Even if they renovated for five years, karaoke night, $1 drafts and a $10 pig out buffet have yet to pique my interest. Sorry.

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    1. re: Chefpaulo

      Is this the old Holiday Inn? It took them four months to make this place look like a Greyhound Bus Terminal? Check out the picture they posted! Interesting approach: bringing back memories of "Riding the Dog" along with the other lovely events noted by CP>

      1. re: Bacchus101

        Even in interior design school, someone has to graduate last in the class. And from the array of Zinc's spartan furnishings and hard reflective surfaces, I predict the acoustics for listening to off-key amateurs at 120 decibels will have everyone plugging their ears with chicken wings.

        Yer right, Bacchus. Fifties Bus Terminal revival at its tawdry best.