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Oct 21, 2010 07:35 AM

Anyone been to Gabose for Korean? Looking for good eats in Fort Lauderdale...

Im going to be up in Fort Lauderdale saturday night and want to find a good spot to eat. We were thinking Johnny V's bc we like it there but Id sort of like to go somewhere different, more low key and maybe off the beat and path. Gabose is first on my list but Ive read/heard very little about it... I am open to other suggestions and other types of food (but I want more of a hole in the wall then a big fancy ordeal ... )

Johnny V
625 East Las Olas Blvd., Fort Lauderdale, FL 33301

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  1. The Korean BBQ at Gabose is fabulous. I recommend it without hesitation. The rest of the Korean food is very good but I go there for the Korean BBQ. I would suggest that you make a resv for the BBQ since tables are limited. They cook the BBQ over real charcoal which is very different from any other local Korean resto. Great place -- don't miss it.

    Gabose Korean Restaurant
    4991 N University Dr, Lauderhill, FL 33351

    1. very good, though I do prefer the marinated meats over the charcoal grill. Do be prepared to pay non-ethnic restaurant prices, however. Just about everything is over $10 and plenty over $20.

      1. Love Gabose! Just got written up in Sun Sentinel last week so the review might be helpful. Very good Vietnamese in Margate (Saigon Cuisine) if you're looking for another adventure.

        1. Karen and I went to Gabose for dinner for the first time a couple of weeks ago and really enjoyed it. While many of the individual dishes are over $20, we thought the entire meal was very reasonable for what you get. We had the large Korean-style crepe with mixed seafood and scallions, a spicy pork dish, and a fish soup along with all of the sides that are traditionally a part of a Korean meal. We had food to take home and with tax, tip, and a couple of glasses of wine the bill came to less than $80.

          While I don’t know enough about Korean food to vouch for the authenticity, we really enjoyed what we ordered and we’ll make the drive from Boca again soon. The service was good and was very helpful considering our relative lack of knowledge about Korean food.

          If you want something a little further south and west, John Linn just reviewed Myung Ga Tofu & Barbecue in Weston ( ).

          1. Interestingly enough, Gabose is one of our favorite restaurants over the past 8 years of living down here in Florida. While we are very caucasian, I think the wife and I are pretty good judges of authentic Korean having been eating it constantly for the past 14 years and even going so far as making our own Korean BBQ at home not to mention home made Kimchi (I kid you not)

            We absolutely love Gabose and feel it is by far the best Korean we have had in the area. Sushi Yoshi in Boca on 441 doesn't do nearly the job. Wanfu on Sample in Pompano makes a nice Jampong but otherwise its a really chinese place.

            Gabose excels at a few things. Their Korean Pancake, with seafood or scallions, is the best I have ever had and a must as an appetizer. The giganto boiling cauldrons of seafood stew are my favorite. Expensive but enough easily for two. A 1/2 Dozeon kinds on the menu and all awesome. The stir fried squid - Ojinko Bokum - is my wife new favorite. Hot, hot, and more hot with great flavor. Over rice, it is killer in more ways then one. The Japchai is by far the best version of this dish I have ever had. The Dol Sot Bi Bim Bop is also a typical great version of the classic Korean dish of leftovers.

            In terms of their table top BBQ, yes their charcoal grill is great with all the meats to choose from. To me, a bit boring, but we frequently get it as part of the overall meal for everyone to pick at. My wife feels that at least it feels healthy and is low in carbs.

            Happy eating at Gabose. Truly one of the great restaurants in Broward.