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Oct 21, 2010 07:02 AM

When travelling how do you find kosher stablishments -

I figured it would be interesting to see what sites people use to find kosher food while travelling - for me first choice is - yes some of the date might be out of date but it does list what might have been a kosher establishment - also I look for the local federation/JCC website to see if they point to anything in the community - finally local kosher authority to see if they have a listing of kosher establishments -

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  1. This site, Google, and Shamash.

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    1. re: DeisCane

      the reason Shamash is out of date is because it's contributed by viewers.
      I would check Shamash and often find inaccurate or out of date information.
      I would submit a correction, and a week or two later it would get updated.
      the point being, Shamash is only as good as people are willing to help it.

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        FYI - if you're affiliated with a company/organization that you mention while posting here, you need to reveal that affiliation.

    2. If you have an iPhone (Android support is coming, so I've been told), try the RustyBrick Kosher app. It will use your GPS to find the closest kosher establishments to you.

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        I have that App - I beleuve it is based off of the Shamash database - but I di like it

      2. Chabads are also a useful resource. In areas where they're the only local option, then they're the local option. In other areas they're a good resource.

        1. I think this board is the most efficient way of finding accurate information. I find the information on Shamash to be outdated a lot of the time. If it is not a place where I have friends or colleagues, I usually also visit the website of the local Orthodox synagogue or the local beit din and see what information they have, or I call the local rabbi. When I get to the place, I ask around. For Israel, e-luna is a good place to start but it is advertising based so it does not include everything. For France, is great. For the rest of Europe, is well maintained. I have the Get Kosher app, but I don't use it very often. Oh, and I like for NYC but I have to go to the individual restaurants' websites to check certification. is also useful.

          1. I like Chowhound the best, people are very helpful! I also try to google local Rabbinical sites, such as CRC in Chicago or Vaad in Michigan, etc., to see what they list. Works pretty well for Miami too:)