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Oct 21, 2010 05:41 AM

Where to buy fresh truffles in London

I'm thinking of ponying-up for a decent sized black truffle this season, and I want to make sure i get the best bang for my buck.

There's a bloke at the borough markets who sells fresh truffles, as well as truffle products and google reveals a website called - any other suggestions, or just feedback on these potential sources?

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  1. Harrod's has them but don't expect a good price.

    1. which is in South End Green(Hampstead/Heath) sells truffles. Prices are reasonable and align somewhat with what you will pay at Borough Market. Call in advance to make sure they have some in stock as they tend to have them sporadically.

      1. check out London Fine Foods online. I have bought lots of product from them and they have always provided good product and service

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          I had a really bad experience with London Fine Foods. The truffle did not arrive when promised for christmas and when complained because I could not use it when it did arrive, they said to bad and charged me anyway! Not even a gesture. I'd say there are places more interested in the customer than them.

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          1. When we were at Gelupo yesterday there was a small sign saying that they have truffles and to inquire about them. I forget the prices but they seemed reasonable.